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I was really inspired to write this article after I had a profound eye-opening experience in how I realized that by truly shifting myself within and beginning to live my life in a higher frequency, it shifted my external world. This shift has come through a lot of internal reflection and release of the old way of thinking and functioning on the planet.

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It’s been about 3 years now since the inception of and so much amazing growth and expansion has come of it not only within myself but through so many people who have taken part in this movement of shifting our consciousness. I remember how even just 3 years ago things seemed so different. It was a lot more difficult to be open and share what has now become more public domain. It allowed me to take on many challenges of opposition within my own mind and the limiting belief systems that I have played with as well as what other souls have presented for me to assist me along my journey.

I look back now 3 years ago and remember sitting in fellow CE Team member Joe Martino’s basement being so excited about the experiences that we were having and how we wanted to create an opportunity to share them with others. We had a dream in wanting to change the world so strongly that it drove us to want to change ourselves, not only because it would assist others in helping them to do the same, but because it just resonated with us to want to experience more than what we had been experiencing for most of our lives. We began to go beyond the conventional ways of functioning on the planet and it has opened us up to an unbelievable array of experiences that have brought us wisdom and knowledge of ourselves and the grand universe that we are all a part of and connected with. We’ve met so many beautiful, amazing souls and had so many amazing experiences!

With how we have grown and where it’s brought us to at this point, so many things are opening up for us because it is in alignment with what humanity is collectively asking for at this time. I want to make it clear that through the work that we do, we do it solely out of great love for humanity and the planet because we can see a world that is a possibility for all of us to experience and we want to assist in awakening people to that possibility and turn it into a reality that we truly can experience as a whole.

We started Collective Evolution from ground zero with it being a simple blog site where we wrote and shared articles about our personal experiences. Today, over the span of a few years we have grown into an international outlet assisting thousands of people worldwide through platforms such as documentary films, articles and videos, seminars, gatherings and meditations, consultations, radio and web-based interviews, etc.  All of this has been made possible through our own contributions as well as the loving donated gifts from others.

The reason why I’m sharing this is because I want to show others that when you truly put your heart and soul into something and it serves the whole of humanity, it is absolutely possible to manifest whatever your heart desires. You will be supported if you trust, put yourself in the moment and go with the flow with whatever comes your way along your journey. We all hold an innate love and connectedness as brothers and sisters and in unity, and only through unity has our work been made possible. Nothing else makes us feel more like ourselves than to be sharing and playing with humanity in the way that we do. We want to let all of you who may read this article know that through your own love and shining your light is absolutely making a difference for the world as we are the world and change starts with each of us individually.

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All in all, the lives we live is our creation and our choice and at the end of the day it is what we choose to experience that brings us the experiences that we have and it’s perfect! We are creators in essence and we can create anything. The world is our canvas and we hold the paintbrush!

Thank you to all of you who are choosing to be a part of this shift for being you and contributing in the way that you are!

The future is up to us in what we wish to create and it’s exciting to see how it is all going to unfold from here!


Much Love!

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