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How many of us tend to repeat the same cycles day in and day out? Whether it be going to the same job that we don’t enjoy, getting angry over someone cutting us off in traffic, eating that Mcdonald’s Big Mac every Monday or even possibly being frustrated that it’s Monday again and wishing our week away for the weekend to come. No matter what the experience may be, human beings tend to be creatures of routine. However, this is not our natural state. We were never designed to be stagnant or repetitive within our experience here on Earth. Our true essence is of growth and expansion. Playing and learning through creation and expanding our awareness and consciousness through all experiences.

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The reason why I am writing about this topic is because of the fact that if we are not growing or expanding, we are limiting ourselves. We may convince ourselves that staying within a so-called “comfort zone” feels comfortable, but does it really? Or is that just our minds convincing us to stay within the confines of our routines. Many of us can feel how heavy it is to be continuing to carry all of our emotional baggage. If you pay attention to what’s going on within our local communities as well as on a global scale, you can see that our experience here is intensifying in many ways. Our emotions are coming to the surface and we’re really being pushed to let them go. Our society is designed to keep us locked in within the experience of our emotions so that they drive us. It’s designed to keep us locked in fear. The reason for this is to stifle creativity and expansion and promote separation and chaos. It’s designed to keep us locked within a repetitive cycle of being enslaved to the stories we create in our minds that define who we are and our purpose for being on the planet.

The truth is…We are infinite potentiality. Any stories outside of that knowing is an illusion.

I encourage everyone, even if it’s just for one day, to bring your awareness to an observer state where you observe everything that you do for the day. As you are going about your experience you can ask yourself, “Am I growing from this experience or is it something that I have been doing for a long time now and believe that I have to continue it to feel good?”. We can also go within and feel if the experience we are having truly resonates with our heart and soul desire.

As we begin to start to observe our experiences, the power of repetitiveness starts to dissolve as we realize that we always have a choice from moment to moment as to how we want to create our lives. The stories we create aren’t real…Is our mind in the drive seat or is our soul? Am I listening to the emotional fear based stories or am I listening to the faint but strong and neutral voice within? I’ve found that it’s very easy to become influenced by external sources and we forget about our own inner guidance. We’ll go to a chinese buffet and break open a fortune cookie and think that the quotes can be profound or useful, and they can be, but we all have that guidance within us. The voice that’s helping us to move forward and the essence that wants to expand and play!

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The next time you observe your experience and realize that you’ve been repeating it for a long time, make the choice to try something new. Maybe apply for a different job, say thank you to the guy who cuts you off in traffic for assisting you in seeing what emotions you are holding on to, maybe order a salad instead of a Big Mac or even bring your own salad, and maybe, just maybe, the next time you feel frustrated about it being the beginning of a work week, take a few deep breathes and bring yourself to the present moment. Wishing our week away takes away from experiencing peace right now. When we bring ourselves to a state of peace and are present within the moment, we then can see that we are creators and nothing is stopping us from creating as we wish. If you’re sitting at a desk or doing whatever it is and you are at peace with it, but feel inside that what you are doing isn’t what you want to do anymore, try something new! Be yourself and try something less limiting and that is beneficial for the greater good of humanity. We don’t need to be afraid of change as we are creators and as we know inside that we have the power to manifest anything. Even a simple shift like changing jobs or changing our eating habits can open the door for not only ourselves to a whole new level of experience, but it’s assisting others as well. As we each step out of the norm and dissolve our fears, we allow others to do the same. We then become beacons of light. Guiding our brothers and sisters through change. A simple shift like this can change your world individually and our world collectively.

Our true essence is of growth and expansion. Our natural state is peace and we create through unconditional love. This is who and what we truly are. Try something new. Make a change! You just might never look back 😉

Much Love!

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