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“Act” your age, “Act” like a girl, “act” like a boy, “act” like this, “act” like that… do you realize that all of this is just Acting? Do you realize that who you are has way more depth than a mere role? Do you know that you do not HAVE to “act” in any particular way in order to constantly define yourself?

Take a moment to let the roles and thoughts melt away, and simply observe life as the genderless, definitionless, and peaceful being that you truly are. Feel the profound expansiveness and aliveness that such a natural state brings. Simply BEing is much less tiring than always keeping up with our imaginary identities. 😉 And when not trapped in such mental concepts and definitions, you will see how much of a beautiful and expansive playground life has the potential to be.

In this state, acting and roles are seen as pure play. But they do not define and restrict you any longer. 🙂

“When you know yourself as awareness, everything is a miracle! Somehow, beliefs in our thoughts keep us from seeing what is really going on. Let go of everything and see that you are nothing! If you really know yourself as truly nothing, then you will automatically and effortlessly marvel at everything. It happens by itself!” – Michael Jeffreys


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