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I saw this video and it hit me in a great way. What we are beginning to see is soo many people from all areas of the world and walks of life who are feeling deep within them that it is time to look at what we are experiencing here. We are realizing that it is time for a change and something BIG is happening already. It’s not just another “Hippie movement” or anything like that either. This is entirely different. This involves a massive shifting in our consciousness -the way we view this entire world. Without even judging anything that is around us we can see and feel that it’s time to move on from it. We don’t even have to say “this is crap or this is terrible” when looking at it because deep down we all know there is more to experience and that we have the power to create it.

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No matter what facet of our world you look at, it’s clear that a shift needs to be made within in. In some cases, we don’t even need it anymore. It’s already all unfolding, we can either fight against it and hold onto what doesn’t resonate anymore because we fear losing it, or we can let it go and flow with the change.

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