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We released this teaser a few days ago to officially announce and begin spreading the word about a new documentary we are working on called ‘The Collective Evolution III: The Shift’

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We are very excited about this project as it coincides with our new initiative called The S.H.I.F.T. Project. CE III will layout an action plan for all of us individually and collectively to begin in order to shift this planet into something more harmonious and peaceful. Looking at both individual work and the practical steps like implementing new technologies and dismantling certain aspects of our current system, CE III will take that step forward in initiating a global shift.

Below is the teaser for CE III: The Shift. Please share it out to your friends to get the word out about this project. It’s going to be an awesome tool!

You can check out and share our previous documentary currently at this film festival to help support our new film. WATCH CE II: The Human Experience.

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