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After quite a bit of noise that the “KONY 2012” campaign has made and through my own observation of what is unfolding, I was inspired to write this article to share my viewpoint on the situation.

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One of the biggest standouts of the entire situation and how it is affecting people is the involvement and emphasis on judgement towards the people involved as well as judgement towards the entire experience in general. This is another great opportunity for observation as it’s bringing up judgement and emotion on all sides of the fence from people of various standpoints. All in all, it’s reinforcing belief systems that we no longer need to play with if we wish to move forward as a race.

I’ve seen on Facebook and other social outlets of how many people who have gotten involved and it’s a very large number globally.  I think it’s great that people are coming together and are inspired by the thought of change, but the key thing here is that we need to become more observant in ourselves and our external experiences if we want to bring about mass change.

I’d like to outline the different standpoints that I’ve observed and bring clarity to how we can go beyond it.

There’s a lot of us who have gotten involved in this campaign and are supporting the cause through donation and buying commercialized products like bracelets, but don’t really know what’s truly playing out. It goes to show how we tend to buy into things without actually doing our own research or more importantly, questioning it by going within and seeing what resonates with us. We can see how it’s sparked judgement and emotion within us on many levels.

Some of us have watched a ten minute video or looked over a website, believe everything that’s said and then are using judgement to classify our stance on the matter.

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Some of us have looked into it a bit further and can see more of what’s playing out in regards to why Kony is doing what he’s doing, the cause and inspiration behind the campaign, the involvement of the government’s and the roles they’re playing etc. Judgement has surfaced for these people as well as it’s causing judgement towards people who can’t see what they can see and as well as judgement towards the bigger aspect of the corruption and exploitation involved.

There’s also those of us who aren’t paying attention at all and it’s causing them to judge people who are making it a big deal and so forth.

This is all the result of the programming of our minds and how we are being driven by automatic thought responses that have us locked up in the concepts of things being good or bad and right or wrong. Now I don’t want this to be misleading as I am one that is totally in agreeance of not wanting to play this game anymore where we have to experience things like rape and murder, corruption, exploitation etc. but it’s not something to judge. Through judgement we are only reinforcing the same consciousness in which these experiences are being created. Instead, we can look at these experiences without bringing the mind into it, putting judgement aside and really looking at what’s playing out on a deeper level.

There is a group of beings on the planet that are trying to manipulate and control human consciousness as a whole as many have now come to know. Their goal is of nothing more than total control. Right now their aim is to affect the direction of our awakening in the hopes that they can hinder the steps and action we take in moving forward. It still is working in the sense that this whole situation is creating another “bad guy” to point fingers at and the campaign is saying that they are building an army of people. Building an army to take out an army? It’s still playing in ego consciousness. It’s fighting fire with fire.

We’re all just playing roles here and it’s about becoming at peace with the roles we’re all playing and choosing to move forward.

The amount of publicity this is getting over information being shared about the shift in consciousness that we’re experiencing is outweighed greatly. It’s a distraction.

All experiences, no matter the level of intensity or darkness involved, are just experiences. We are not victims to anything as everything is always agreed upon at the soul level for us to have the experience and grow from it. All of the children and anyone else involved agreed to take part in those experiences, just as we all have in our own experiences. What is the lesson to take from it? It’s lessons to go beyond fear, separation and all limiting belief systems. If we take the fear and judgement out of the equation, the power in these experiences will dissolve. The judgement and the fear is what is creating them.

Souls who are playing the victimizer role like Joseph Kony, only have the power that we give to them. And on a deeper level, victimizers are created through their own disconnection and a deep feeling of victimization in their own life. It’s no different than our world and political leaders like various national leaders who commense global wars killing millions of people every year, run child and drug trafficking rings, poison masses through food and air/ water pollution and contamination, etc. No difference at all.

The key to understand with this is that a lot of us don’t know about what’s really going on because we’re focused on ourselves and living within this survival of the fittest lifestyle trying to find peace in our lives and find security in “becoming” someone or something that has a place in society.

We all feel we want to change the world but also think that we don’t have the time or the skills. So when something like this comes along, right away we point out “the bad guy” that they’ve coined in Africa because we think we’re doing something “good” by supporting “justice”. The company who put him on the world’s top criminal list is a government agency and is run by leaders who do the exact same thing on a much grander scale. It’s creating another illusion. Many charities like cancer and AIDS charities are using the same tactics. Sparking a bit of interest to get us involved but creating an illusion of smoke and mirrors for the by design system.

Many mind traps are being created and it’s important to know that what we do internally to ourselves is how we interact externally in the world. As long as we’re stuck judging ourselves and our experiences as being good or bad or right or wrong, we’re going to see that externally within the world. We have to go inside and feel what the truth really is.

I’m asking for everyone to go inside and feel what I’m saying here. As human beings, we tend to like to play with the thought of victimization as it causes emotional reactions and reinforces our perception of who we think we are and need to be. But try looking at it like this. If everything is an agreed upon experience and we don’t need to judge, can you see how powerful that makes us? Can you see how liberating it is to know that we are creators? Is this just some “New Age” mumbo jumbo of how everything is perfect and we need to let the world suffer and pass us by? Not at all. Everything IS perfect because it’s an opportunity for us to grow, an opportunity for us to change. As long as we’re stuck in judgement mode, we’re never going to grow from anything. It limits us.

We can judge Joseph Kony and his experiences, we can judge the governments, we can judge the leaders of the KONY 2012 campaign, but how many of us have looked into why these experiences are happening? There’s always a motive behind any action and from the motive comes a belief system. Because one person believes something does it make them better or worse than us? This is what we need to observe. The separation that we’re creating between us. We’re all one here and the only way to unite is to understand one another and let go of judgement. Has anyone done anything wrong? Absolutely not. We’re all at where we’re at and everyone is on their own journey. It’s really just about looking at it, seeing what’s playing out and making the decision to move forward or not.

What’s most important is how we feel inside within our own lives. This is just another opportunity that’s surfacing for us to grow as a race, another opportunity to find our own peace within. True change starts with us individually. As we each step out of our own limiting beliefs that create the illusion of fear and separation, it’s allowing others to do the same. If enough of us take part in this shift in consciousness, we can truly bring about mass change and peace to planet Earth.

We need a movement of people to come together peacefully and do the internal work needed to move forward. Now is the time to do it. We hold the key to unlock a whole new world of experience and play. It’s up to us to bridge the gap from this experience to a new one. A world without limitation, fear and separation.

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