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If you take a look at what is happening across the world, it is undeniable that mass change is taking form. It’s now becoming so intense and so in our faces that you can actually feel it within the atmosphere. It makes me think of the classic Phil Collins song lol…”I can feel it coming in the air tonight…”

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Free energy technologies that have been around for years are now becoming publicly known, various industries are being exposed in how they aren’t functioning in a harmonious manner for our highest good, UFO sightings are being seen across the world with aircraft that are not of human technology, mass protests are being engaged on all continents by people who are fed up with the system, over 20,000 CEO’s and high ranking officials and business men have resigned and stepped down from their positions of power within the corporate world as they are not interested in taking part in the agenda’s being carried out, and last but not least, souls across the planet are waking up and sharing information that is assisting in opening up our eyes, minds and hearts to see the truth of who we are, why we’re here and what’s truly playing out here on Earth and how it does not need to continue in this way.

It’s time to bring in a new chapter of history within the human experience. It’s time to change the game.

We do have the ability and power to change the world and it’s already happening. We have the strength, the courage and the power of love and peace to create an entirely new world. A world where our society can be built and aimed at providing sustenance for all humans in which we can sustain a life of basic need, all while being harmonious with our natural state and for the benefit of the whole. We can begin to break free and let go of all the stories that have confined us and locked us in fear and separation and use it to achieve a true state of inner peace and freedom to play and create. We can reconnect and rebuild an experience that has regard for all all kingdoms of life.  We just need to be willing to let go of what we have now which we can see isn’t working and let go of any judgements or emotional attachments that we have to the experiences that we have had up until this very moment in which you are reading. All that exists is this moment here and now. If we’re holding on to the past and looking towards the future, we’re missing out on the beauty of this moment and the potential to create in this moment.

We here at Collective Evolution along with other souls that we have partnered with, have created and are dedicated to introducing a plan that is designed to be of assistance in bridging a gap from this reality to the one that I just explained. A plan to implement this change now as mass transformation is greatly needed on Earth in this time of unprecedented change.
Please check out our temp site for The SHIFT Project HERE. If you have any feedback or would like to contribute or get involved with this project in any way, please contact us at

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for being you and taking part in this grand shift.

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Much Love, Light and Peace 🙂

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