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We wanted to create a platform for others to share what they feel inside about what’s taking place on the planet, what kind of changes they see and feel going on globally and within themselves. We also wanted to hear what type of world they would like to see moving forward. We set up a camera and had everyone share what they felt they wanted to share and it was soo awesome to see the responses people were giving. The things they felt going on inside of them as well as what they see globally. It’s really clear that something very big is taking place on the planet right now and soo many of us from all walks of life and all different ages are seeing and feeling it.

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It was very inspiring to hear the awesome new consciousness coming from everyone and it gets me excited to see how many people are now living this everyday. Thank you all for being a part of it and for sharing what you had to share!

Next month we will be holding an open discussion where we can all come together and discuss what changes we can begin implementing now. What sorts of resources we can begin using as we come together. What solutions we can implement, how we can go about spreading this message. We all have ideas and things to share and only when we come together will it begin to become powerful. We will update everyone with a date for this.


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