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Whether it’s children or adults I personally have heard this argument many times. Especially when changing my diet over the past 4 years I heard this one a lot from those who saw what I would eat. The majority of what I eat is vegetables, fruits and healthier grains- pretty much all of it is organic. But to some people that means I eat food that doesn’t taste good! It has no flavor!

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The only reason this food would not taste good or seem as though it has no flavor is simply because we are incredibly conditioned to like over salted and high synthetic sugar content foods. Most of the food we eat is barely even real food. The amount of chemicals, fake sugars and flavor packs in the foods and sauces we eat is incredible! We can’t even simply eat a salad with a spritz of lemon, we need a half bottle of Kraft synthetic Caesar dressing so that we can’t even taste the leaf!

I grew up eating a bunch of this stuff thinking I was still eating healthy and it tasted good so why not? But when I began to change my diet I first noticed that natural foods didn’t have that same power flavor that synthetic foods did. At times I was still wanting salt and sugar foods just to ease my cravings. I realized I was addicted to those flavors. The more I ate healthier foods, and especially when I transitioned to organic, the more I realized how amazing these natural foods actually tasted. I began eating many things raw and plain. Salads didn’t need dressing and if I used them it was a bit of lemon and water or a splash of balsamic.

In the end it didn’t take long to realize that we are heavily addicted to the foods we eat due to the flavor packs and chemicals that are in them. Sure it may take a few weeks to break that addiction when transitioning over to healthier foods, but why would you even want to continue eating these chemical filled foods just because they taste good? Is taste worth more than your health? Even though you will quickly realize that organic foods in their natural state taset much better and purer anyway!


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