EPA Approved GMO Insecticide Responsible For Killing Off Bees & Puts Entire Food Chain at Risk

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New information has come out that links an insecticide approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to killing off millions of Bees and puts the food chain at risk. In early 2011 several leaked documents obtained by a Colorado beekeeper brought light to the fact that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency‘s (EPA) illegitimate approval of Clothianidin, an extremely toxic pesticide made by Bayer CropScience, came regardless of the fact the agency knew it was capable of killing off Bees. As a new study emerges from Purdue University, not only is it 100% confirmed that Clothianidin is killing bees, but also that Clothinaidin’s toxicity is now found throughout the entire food chain.

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The study, which was published in the online journalPLoS ONE, investigated the various methods and routes by which a class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids, which includes clothianidin, are harming honey bees. They discovered that both clothianidin and thiamethoxam, another component of neonicotinoid insecticides, persist in “extremely high levels” in planter exhaust material produced during the planting of crops treated with these insecticides, which runs contrary to industry claims that the chemicals biodegrade and are not a threat.

The research team also found neonicotinoid compounds in soil, including in fields where the chemicals were not even sprayed, as well as on various plants and flowers visited by bees. Based on their analysis, the researchers involved with the study determined that bees actively transfer contaminated pollen from primarily neonicotinoid-treated corn crops, and bring it back to their hives. The bees also transfer neonicotinoid compounds to other plants and crops not treated with the chemicals, which shows just how persistent these chemicals truly are in the environment.

You can read the entire report for yourself at the following link:

“This research should nail the coffin lid shut on clothianidin,” said Laurel Hopwood, chairwoman of theSierra Club‘sGenetic Engineering Action Team, who is petitioning the EPA to finally ban these chemicals after years of needless delay. “Despite numerous attempts by the beekeeping industry and conservation organizations to persuade the EPA to ban clothianidin, the EPA has failed to protect the food supply for the American people.”

Without bees, which are now dying off at an alarming rate due to exposure to clothianidin and various other insecticides and fungicides, one third or more of the food supply will be destroyed, including at least 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables that rely on bees for pollination. This is why Dr. Neil Carman, Ph.D., scientific advisor toSierra Club, has put out a call for the EPA to immediately ban the use of clothianidin and the other neonicotinoid insecticides for the sake of protecting the food supply from irreversible destruction.

As we continue to take actions like this on the planet we continue to see that how we do things simply cannot be sustained. This type of issue does not just reflect how we treat nature but also reflects how we operate as a whole. If money wasn’t so important, we wouldn’t be finding unnatural ways to do everything on this planet. If we weren’t so concerned with maintaing an economy and competition stuff like this wouldn’t affect us. This is all a perfect lesson for us to ask “what the heck are we doing to our planet?” We are at a point where our very survival is now threatened because we are fighting so hard to maintain a system we all don’t like anyway.


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  1. Daws

    Why is there an insinuated link to GMOs here? Neonicotinoids have nothing to do with them, it’s used on any kind of crop, GMO and Non…

  2. Drusas

    The need to sustain an ever growing population with food is what has caused this mess, not greedy corporations looking only to profit off our health. If the population of the planet had ceased growing at a sustainable level, instead of continuing to exponentially expand out of control, measures such as the one described need not ever come into existence.

    The simple fact is that need follows demand, and we as consumers have created a non stop demand for product. If any company can’t keep up, they’re going to attempt to find the most efficient way to meet demand. Not trying to defend Monsanto or GMO’s, but the problem doesn’t only lie with them and their practices.

    It’s time humans as a whole started looking at saving themselves, instead of saving everyone. Perhaps China’s ‘one baby policy’ wasn’t such a bad policy in hindsight…the alternative is overpopulation of the Earth, mass deaths due to drought and food shortages, and the potential need to leave the planet for ‘greener pastures’, so to speak.

    Perhaps vilifying corporations isn’t the right stance…maybe we should be vilifying ourselves.

    • Drusas…Although I agree that human population is a problem. Monsanto, Bayer and Syntech are greedy monopolies and especially Monsanto certainly does want to control the world’s food supply. Why else would they have ‘bought’ Congress to pass the MPA (Monsanto Protection Act). They cannot be sued under the provisions of the Act. Now why would they need such a thing if their GMOs were so safe. Or perhaps the goal is to decrease the population. There are better ways and they are known but they are not as profitable. Monsanto has been around since the 40s. World dominance takes time and patience and little by little introduction of more and more. Take DDT for instance. How many species came to the brink of extinction, such as the Bald Eagle or some that did go extinct such as the Dusky Seaside Sparrow almost 20 years ago. The last one died at Disney World in Florida. It barely made the news.

    • Floyd

      recently changed the one baby policy. They are now allowed two. This was done because of the huge disproportionate difference in sexes. Many parents there wanted male children for various reasons and went to lengths to achieve that. And I believe that this really is more about greed than anything else, the bottom line is everything and they are going to great lengths to cheapen costs and improve returns. That is how the modern capitalist system works. Whatever it takes to increase profits and gain and hold contro

    • Gabriel

      may 15 2014 10:00 pm
      The peoblem with the growing population is only an scuse. The fact is that our soils are anemics because
      the traditional way of farming (crop rotation) was change long time ago and was replace by sintetics fertilizers.
      This reise vegetables with weak inmune system that are easily atack by insects.this won’t happend if we add
      minerals to the land. But since this is considered expensive, then we opted for the cheapest solution that
      have created all the mess that we are into. Do we have solutions …. off course… think about it.. But then
      healthy people, broke hospitals, unemploy doctors, no need for so much medicine…. should I continue?

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  4. Stephen Lawson

    We live on a planet that has evolved over 100s of millions of years. This ecosystem is connected in ways we don’t completely understand. More harm has been done to this sensitive balance of nature in the past 100 years than perhaps all of human history. Those who exploit the innovation of chemical processes seek to justify themselves at any cost; through any means necessary. That is exploitation. Many others in this world seek to understand and live in harmony with what took eons to evolve. That thing we call nature. The perversion of nature may cost us the world. Just like humankind has done for thousands of years, killing and destroying what it doesn’t, won’t or can’t understand. You are messing with the world and the world is not an experimental laboratory for anyone to roll dice in. It is time to wake up before this gets worse and it may already be too late.

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  7. tim

    You know…..I always test in a small area of the environment before I do a ‘production run’ of any product I buy; be it fertilizer, paint or stain, even lawn watering to see the possible run-off effects. But evidently the EPA guys didn’t even have this thing tested in the real world before saying, “Go ahead and do a production run of this stuff and sell it on a massive scale!”. Maybe I’m stupid.

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  13. JD Willemsen

    Dear Joe,

    I see the problem first hand with bees populations declining in my now new garden. how ever i see a lot of masonry bees crawling in my window panes, and i let them. because they are stacking a new generation in my window.

    How ever what i wanted to ask really is. If you could do an article that would make people help the bees by making bees hotels ore insect hotels. cause although bees are the primary workers for pollinating crops and flower there are also other insects and they suffer as hard from GMO pesticide as well.

    It’s fairly simple to build these things, but the biggest problem is the people them self. You hear and read Oh that’s so sad for the bees. but i never have read ore heard once to make a bee hotel the help them.

    Why, cause they fair the sting. but bees do not sting unless they are in life danger.
    I a few months i have helped the bees out of from behind my window sitting on my finger and show them the way out. i have not been stung once, rather it was if the bee was sitting on my finger and sort of looked like it thanked me and flew of.

    But to the story, A bee hotel can be build and stored in a cold but frost free place throughout the winter so the larva’s do not freeze to death. This is what should be done.

    Cause like you said.

    ” We are at a point where our very survival is now threatened ”

    So lets Do Something About It !

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  16. You
    fuck with mother nature and she will kick your ass!

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