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The third installment to The Collective Evolution trilogy is in production and man are we excited for this one! The Collective Evolution III: The Shift is powerful documentary that lays out a plan of action that humanity can begin taking to drastically change our world. By uncovering why we currently operate the way we do and bringing an understanding to it, CE3 presents very real and practical solutions to begin shifting not only ourselves but our external world also. Combined with The SHIFT Project, CE3 explores advanced technologies, consciousness, and our natural state to create a bridge from our current world to a bright limitless future.

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To help fund this project we are encouraging others to purchase a copy through our pre-sale of either the entire TCE Trilogy or just CE3 on it’s own.

To purchase the full trilogy which includes The Collective Evolution, The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience & The Collective Evolution: The Shift, you can visit this link

To purchase just The Collective Evolution III: The Shift you can visit this link

Please note that if buying the trilogy you will receive CE1 and CE2 right away. CE3 will ship upon completion.

You can check out a teaser for CE3 below! Thanks for the support!

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