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This is no longer a matter of debating whether or not we should change our ways, or try and alleviate our self-destructive habits while still holding onto the same motives. This is a matter of observing what we have created, and see that the system was built in a state of consciousness that disregarded the whole. That being said, a change in consciousness is needed. A shift from a state of mind seeking to destroy and gather for the benefit of the few, to a state of being seeking to create and contribute for the benefit of all.

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As of now…

  • We still destroy the Earth our lives depend on for the sake of the economy.
  • We still use polluting oil—despite the available alternatives—for the sake of the economy.
  • We still allow war profiteering and kill each other for the sake of the economy.
  • We still treat animals as mere commodities for the sake of the economy.
  • We still further indebt the poor for the sake of the economy.

Not to mention that we still wait for world leaders to make the world a more harmonious and peaceful place, when the priorities and values above and below are specifically what empower them.

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The bottom line is that peace, wisdom, freedom, equality, cooperation and evolving beyond the current system have no economic value to a system thriving on war, ignorance, enslavement, greed, competition and the upkeep of the status quo.

So what is it about this status quo that many of us have difficulty to let go of and think beyond? Why are some of us still defending that which no longer sustains life?

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