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The month of May has been intense hasn’t it? Sure it may not be showing itself in a huge profound way globally, but it seems for individuals, there is a lot of pushing going on from the soul. I can relate to this as I have felt it quite a bit this month and can see it unfolding in others as well. No matter what it is we are experiencing, know that it is what we must face at this time in order to keep flourishing.

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It can be a scary thought to face certain things cant it? To have to look within ourselves and be honest about what we have within us that we don’t want to face. Looking at things we realize we have attachment to, we may be addicted to, we may feel need to be a certain way, we may think are a part of ourselves or that we have to hide from others. Sometimes we feel and see an emptiness or void within ourselves and we don’t want to admit or face it. We want to keep filling it with other things in an attempt to band-aid it. But this is only a temporary solution.

Years ago I sat in front of a counselor trying to have some of my deeper challenges about my life addressed and analyzed. The person I worked with was a wonderful caring person, but her methods were that of which she learned from her training. Her training was limited to someone else’s idea of how to address people’s challenges. Those ideas were based on simply looking past challenges and changing our lives, versus looking at the issue itself and what it truly representing. What the belief system was all about. What I realized after all my sessions was that it was just another band-aid. Just another thing that got me a couple more months ahead without facing things. And after that, I felt like I couldn’t be helped. There was no where I could turn to get “fixed.” That’s when things changed in my life as what I began to see and accept through my experiences was that we have to go within and address our own things. It is not about external. Its not about other people, or needing to go experience something or needing to change scenarios around. It’s about the scary thought of just going inside. It was in these moments that I got to really know myself. Know the true larger aspect of myself and this is how I overcame my challenges.

There are many things that we have within ourselves that we convince ourselves aren’t a big deal or can be bypassed simply by thinking about other things or distracting ourselves, but in the end we have to face them. This I see more than ever.

I myself am in that process right now and while it can be scary to look at certain things and come to peace with certain things, it’s a process I know will lead me to an even more expanded way of experience. It is the same for each and every one of us in this journey. What we are experiencing triggers us to go within. Triggers us to bring ourselves to an expanded state of being and a truer knowing of who we truly are. For me a lot of it came down to just saying things out loud or admitting it to another person. When you bring it forward and are transparent about it, all of a sudden you realize how real it is and now having shared it with another, you realize it isn’t as scary anymore to face. From that point it is about looking at it. Looking at why you feel that way, why the mind has been running from it and you realize something very profound. There is nothing outside of you and nothing external to you that can fix or fill the issue you are having. You have to go inside and face it. We may want to hope that something will just change it or a certain experience we do will verify things for us or make it go away, but the truth is that it’s simply the mind looking for more fuel in the situation. The more we act from the mind, get engaged in the details, get engaged in what the mind wants, the more we fuel it and that doesn’t disempower anything, it only continues to empower it. The more we analyze, the more we confuse and the longer we make the process. This is why the mind feeds off of thoughts and drama. To stay alive.

I had to make the choice recently to just surrender and face everything. I know it can be a hard one, but I ended up getting to get to a point where I said enough is enough with the mind and just be. I just let go. After that, you can see and feel within you the perfection of the experience and what you truly want.

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We are all going through this process, and no one can give you the answers I promise, but we can assist each other. We can help each other look inside and come to our own answers. This is the approach not only I but the others at CE take when we assist others. Simply ask them questions and guide them to their own clarity. This is how we serve one another 🙂 If anyone wants to talk, is looking for assistance or someone to talk to, we are more than open to listen and be  a part of your journey. Just send us an email

I will also leave my own contact info for anyone who may be feeling similar things as myself.
skype: jmartino11

Much Love to all of you!

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