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Lately, i’ve seen this pattern play out to the max in myself and others. The ego likes to jump from one polarity to the other. Happy to sad, bored to entertained, passionate to passionless, attached to distant, fearful to comfortable, hopeful to hopeless, loving to judgmental… it does not see anything else but the roles it can play, the stories it can tell to either make itself feel better or worse, off-track or on-track. Yet I have also seen within myself and others that who we truly are has never held on to opposites. Our true essence never became caught up in the play, even though the ego always needs to have the final say about a situation, the last commentary to interpret this moment.

“What is THIS moment like when I experience it without a story? Without checking with mind about what anything means or doesn’t mean? Without going into past or future? Without trying to understand or get anything? What is the story-less NOW like? Only one way to find out…” – Michael Jeffreys

If the roles you play and the stories you create do not resonate with you any longer, know that these stories were never you in the first place, but were added on to you. You have the power to let them go one by one – not to replace them with another story or another identity to compensate, but to find yourself without them. Instead of clinging on to a new emotion, identity or thought pattern, you can let them go and see what happens. You can allow yourself to feel the peace that was within you all along… rediscover the present moment through the eyes of your genderless, open, free and childlike nature.

Once you allow yourself to clear your mind, trying to let go of thoughts and identities by going for an opposite persona will no longer make sense. Making compromises such as letting go ‘halfway’ or using another sneaky story as a ‘pillow’ to fall back on will not sustain peace for very long either. This might convince your ego that you are free and at peace, but you know very well that it is a fragile and conditional peace.

You cannot ‘try’ to be at peace. You cannot ‘try’ to not have expectations. You cannot ‘try’ to have no attachment to someone/something. You cannot ‘try’ to not feel lack. You cannot convince yourself to love everyone unconditionally, to be at peace no matter the circumstance, or to evolve spiritually. This is like trying to let go of a role while still believing it is who you are.

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“All this mental running around trying to fix this or that, to become enlightened, to know the truth, to be realized is for WHO exactly? Other than a thought, what else do you see in life that would even care about such a thing?” – Michael Jeffreys

To let go of an attachment, do not convince yourself of anything. Simply let go of the one that is attached. To let go of an expectation, simply let go of the one that expects. To let go of the feeling of lack, simply let go of the one that is lacking. To love unconditionally, to be at peace, and to evolve spiritually, simply let go of the one that needs to judge, react, or seek enlightenment. ‘But this is me!’ the ego says… Yes indeed, this is the ego. But will YOU disappear? Will YOU die? No… YOU never die. Only the thought of you dies. These thoughts and stories about yourself are not and never will be who you are. As you allow your mind chatter to quiet down, you will find that you are none of these identities… so none of them will bring you to who you truly are.

Believing that you are your ‘I’dentity is the very reason why we live our lives walking on eggshells, fearful of getting hurt, afraid of making ‘mistakes’, frightened of letting go. It is the reason why we protect ourselves from the world. It is this identity that perpetuates a fear of loss, whether it be the loss of someone or something. This imaginary sense of ‘me’ is the reason why we set expectations or have attachments in the first place.

While these fears, judgments, attachments and expectations seem to be a part of us, they are only attached to who we think we are – the role that is separate from everyone and everything – and not who we truly are – the soul that is ONE with everyone and everything.

“True freedom is to realize we are already free. True wholeness is to realize we are already whole. True wisdom is to realize we are already wise. True love is to realize we are already love.  True peace is to realize we are already peace. Lack, attachment, expectation, judgment, fear… these are simply temporary illusions diverting our attention away from who and what we already are.” – Elina

Tune into the role you play, picture its body, feel its emotions, hear its thoughts and see its memories. This is the life story of the character that has brought you here, the vivid dream that allows you to experience, play and learn from it all. It is truly a blessing. It is the vehicle of the soul.

Now tune into the soul you are. Feel its pure knowing, curiosity, playfulness, openness, and childlike nature. The soul is the reason why you are here, it is the essence that has never judged once, but has always observed. It is the essence that has never expected, feared, or felt identified to the role, but has always observed the process of life in complete detachment. It is the peaceful voice within you that knows you are simply having a human experience with other facets of yourself.

“In every moment of our lives, there seems to be two different versions of reality taking place. One is the surface reality, where who you think you are exists as the main character in the movie of your life. Deeper than this surface reality remains a spiritual reality. This reality remains peaceful and unmoved by the actions and reactions of the surface reality. It views the characters in the surface reality as various messengers delivering the lessons and wisdom of the spiritual reality, so the characters can learn exactly what each has been brought to learn in every scene of life’s vivid movie.” – Matt Kahn

The soul that we are is now ready to bring forth all challenges and perceived ‘obstacles’ in our way to reveal all of our insecurities, identities, belief systems, judgments, fears and doubts. Why? So we can let them go and BE who we truly are. We are now shifting our human experience. We are now ready for mind and soul – the surface reality and the spiritual reality – to finally meet and work in unison rather than against each other. Instead of living our lives in auto-pilot, we are now allowing our true nature to step into the driver’s seat.

Are you ready?

“What you seek is already within you. You uncover it by shedding all that is untrue within you.” – Sampo Kaasila

Much Love,

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