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It seems that everywhere we look right now whether it be in our own lives or in the lives of others, there are a lot of personal changes and challenges going on at an accelerated pace and these last couple months have really brought things out! We have been getting a lot of emails and requests for sessions and it’s clear that many of us are looking for someone to talk to and get some clarity from.

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We noticed after our last seminar that a bit of a change in focus is needed at this time. It seems that it is very difficult to get into new ideas of restructuring our world given all of the personal challenges that are happening within each of us. Since it’s very important that we shift our consciousness and that our consciousness if different before looking at these new ideas, we feel its something that needs to be addressed. This is why we are shifting focus slightly to become a lot more available and also provide a lot more content in line with assisting others in overcoming personal challenges.

Some of you may know and some of you may not, but one of the ways we assist is through one-on-one consultations. Whether it be in person, a Skype or phone call or by email, we have been available to assist others with clarity over the past couple of years and it has been an awesome experience to share with others as well as learn from them. At this time we realize the importance of shifting our focus to assisting others so we wish to remind others that we are here, open and available to assist!

We will still be moving forward with our documentary and with The SHIFT Project, but given where our guidance is leading us, we feel we need to also need spend a lot more time being available to assist others personally. We will also be creating a lot more content geared towards this as well.

Here are some details from our How We Assist page regarding our personal consultations!

Seeing Beyond The Surface

During this time of great change and conscious awakening, we are all being faced with many challenges. We are feeling changes going on inside and outside of ourselves that are beginning to make us ask alot of questions. We are even beginning to feel various things drastically change in our lives and sometimes it can be tough to figure out what is unfolding or what choices should be made. We offer assistance to individuals as facilitators in bringing clarity to help make sense of what is playing out. It’s important to note we only guide the individual to see their own answers inside, we do not tell others wat choices to make or what to do as this doesn’t empower the individual or address the deeper concerns.

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Getting Assistance
Our assistance is limitless. We are open to talking about any topic of your choosing, no limitations, boxes, or exclusions. We also offer a more formal information session if you prefer to receive a more general backing to who we are and what we can provide you with. Our assistance is available in 4 ways:

  • In Person
    We are available on a face to face basis, individually or in groups.
  • By Phone
  • E-Mail
  • Skype

To get more information or to arrange for assistance, please contact us at

The suggested rate for our services is $30 per hour. However, since we do not wish to deny anyone that feels inclined to attain our services, we also offer the opportunity to pay what you can.

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