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Hey everyone! There has been a lot going on this year and its clear everyone is feeling the personal challenges within their own lives. I have been going through a lot myself and have overcome some pretty intense challenges lately. All of this has allowed us to realize that right now we want to balance out some things in our own lives, as well as make ourselves as available as possible to put our focus on assisting others directly during this time.

This summer, in August, Joe and I will be getting in a Van, and driving across Canada!! We have decided to take our work on the road for about a month, document and film some of our trip, as well as begin gathering footage for our third documentary titled ‘The Collective Evolution III: The Shift.’ During the trip we will be doing some radio shows through CE Radio, one-on-one skype consultations (and in person if we can meet along the way), and we look forward to meeting as many people as possible en route! We know there are a lot of people along the way that share similar views, and I’m sure there are some CE viewers out there who we would love to meet! We will be going from Toronto to B.C. All of my family lives in B.C. so we are looking forward to seeing them as well! 🙂

If you are open to connecting with us during our trip please email us at Also, if you are in the Toronto, Ontario area and you know of anyone or have any connections to anyone who is selling a minivan for cheap, please let us know! We are also open to hearing about any cool spots in Canada that we should check out along the way.

Much Love!

Alanna 🙂 <3

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