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SunsetThere is no doubt about it, we live in times of transformation. The whole world is now feeling a push to change the way we operate on earth and move towards a reality that works for everyone. We are now seeing and feeling that what we have been doing to ourselves and the planet thus far cannot be sustained any longer. Even in our personal lives, situations and challenges are pushing us to make changes at all levels. But changes towards what? What are we trying to shift towards? Or more so what are we trying to shift out of?

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Whether humanity is aware of it yet or not, we are trying to shift out of a programmed state of mind, and towards a natural state of being.

When we look at the system we have created, it is clear to see that we are programming ourselves to work against our natural state. Not only do we destroy each other and the nature surrounding us, but we convince ourselves and each other that we are born weak and imperfect and need anything and everything to alter our natural state of being. Whether it is education, religion, media, products, altered foods, identities or learned beliefs… we have submerged ourselves in a series of systems designed to pull us away from who we naturally are. Why? Because we have been sold on the belief that ‘natural isn’t good enough’, ‘natural is lazy’, ‘natural is imperfect’, ‘natural is ignorant’, ‘natural is inappropriate’, ‘natural is ineffective’, and most of all, that ‘nature is separate from us’.

This state of self rejection and perpetual struggle to become something else than who we naturally are has created a human race working against itself, a society trapped in stagnation and forcing individuals to give up parts of themselves to conform to a system repressing true beingness and natural creativity.

At what cost? At the cost of our freedom to evolve as a human race. Because we have not allowed ourselves to be and do what we naturally feel pulled to, we now have a society where the majority of people do not follow their true calling and spend their entire lives working at jobs they dislike simply to survive. Great engineers who have the potential to build technology for the benefit of all can end up designing weapons of war, or be expected to create technology that is limited to the polluting but profitable usage of oil. Great artists who have a unique expression are forced to change who they are and conform to the industry’s standards simply to become ‘successful’, or can even end up shuffling paper at work because their talent does not allow them to survive. Freedom of thought, imagination, innovation, uniqueness, playfulness and creativity is reduced to the same ‘safe-level’ in every individual through the schooling process, perhaps to avoid a revolution?

I am not saying that we must judge the self-depleting cycle we’ve been in. The point is to learn the powerful lesson it teaches us: Living our lives disconnected from ourselves and each other will never work in the long run. Why judge a lesson we need to learn? All experiences, no matter how long they last, are only repeated if the lesson hasn’t been learned yet. That is why there is no point wasting time in resentment when you can instead learn from the experience and move forward.

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We are all pieces of the puzzle, one which can only complete itself once enough of us simply allow themselves to know and be who they truly are.

Does it require effort? Does it require us to try hard in order to be ourselves? Does it even make sense to work at being something that we already are? Do trees have to try hard to purify the air? Does the sun have to try hard to lighten up the sky? Do children have to try hard to be playful? Of course not… they simply do because it is their natural state and gift to do so. Being on purpose does not require anything more than to BE who we already are. In our natural state, we will contribute to humanity and the planet just like every other aspect of nature already is.

“As more of us begin to awaken to who we truly are, our world will shift from a state of mind seeking to destroy and gather for the benefit of the few, to a state of being seeking to create and contribute for the benefit of the whole. Why? Because who we truly are is one with all life, and who we truly are knows it.”

And remember… the barriers preventing us from being in our natural state are made up. They were once created in our minds, and can be released out of our minds at any time we choose to let go of fear and surrender to the light of truth. When will you choose to know yourself for who you are?

Love & Light,

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