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It was 2 weeks ago now that we received word our film, ‘The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience’ had won the Culture Unplugged film festival, and already here we are getting ready to begin production on The Collective Evolution III: The Shift! Pre-production was a little bit of a slow process on CE3 but is coming along nicely now. We had ideas of what we wanted to do for this documentary but things didn’t seem to flow together. We wanted to be sure we were going to create something very practical, very useful, and very solution oriented. We feel we are a lot more on track with the ideas now and are looking to start getting some things into place to begin filming.

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Our previous two documentaries served well to put out a solid foundation of what we feel we wanted to share as a message to begin bringing in new ideas and an understanding out our world and our current level of consciousness. Both previous docs were an awesome journey and they were projects that took a lot to get done. However, we feel we want to take this one to another level just as we did with CE2 after CE1. This means we have to get out there and travel to various places to meet people and see projects that are on the go. We want to show everything as real and up close as we can, and that means getting right in front of it and making it happen. As much as our previous projects were great, we feel this will be our most exciting project yet.

So what is CE3 all about? The idea is to create a powerful documentary that lays out a plan of action humanity can begin taking to drastically change our world. We want to uncover why we operate the way we do and bring an understanding to it, and then present very real and practical solutions to begin shifting not only ourselves but our external world also. We want to look at the technologies readily available, look at solutions people are already implementing and begin setting out practical ways we can come together, share our ideas and start making it all happen. This journey we have been on through doing this work has lead us to a very clear understanding: there is a big shift happening and how it all plays out is in all of our hands.

We are very excited about this project and look forward to finalizing some details to get it going! We have already released a teaser trailer to begin spreading the word about the project. Please feel free to share it!!

We also have started a little funding campaign for the project to help us generate the equipment and resources we need for this one. Your support helped our last documentary reach hundreds of thousands of people and win a film festival! Let’s make this one even bigger! The Campaign can be found here¬†

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Much Love!

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