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CE3 Production Begins Soon!

The time is approaching! In roughly 20 days or so Alanna and I will be hitting the road from Toronto with our destination set as western Canada. The idea is to take some time to enjoy the travels as well as get production filming started for our new documentary The Collective Evolution III: The Shift! Thanks to our friend Wim, we have an awesome 94 Volvo Wagon ready to make the trip. It being a wagon, it allows us to easily pack up all of our stuff and sleep on a mattress in the back! This means no need for lodging costs and it lets us go anywhere we choose basically!

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Can You Help?

We will be heading west from Toronto to BC for sure, but we may also head down into the US and possibly reach the eastern side of Canada based on time and finances. That being said, we are looking to do a few key things along the way. How can you help? If you know of any “experts” when it comes to new technologies, magnetic engines, water powered engines, quantum physics, eco and sustainable villages and communities, and earthships/sustainable housing, we want to know about it! We are also looking to connect with some known spiritual teachers along the way as well to get some interviews on certain topics as well. We are open to talking to business owners, politicians, professors or even just people who do these things as a hobby or side job. If you know of some people please email us at so we can make some connections before we head out!

Also, we would love to meet up with some people along the way as well. If you are along the route of our trip, please feel free to email us and maybe we can set up to a time to meet up, have a tea or lunch! Below is our current plan for our route. Starting with the blue line, then black line and then red line. We are open to veering off the line, those are just the basic directions and stops. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you are along the way! or

We will be keeping everyone updated through this blog about how things are going, where we are headed next and who we plan to interview! We look forward to meeting you and beginning the awesome journey of filming for CE3. We have some big plans for this documentary and hope to get some awesome footage and interviews along the way.

This journey will be funded along the way from our own funds. If you wish to support what we are doing and the production of CE3 you can help us out greatly by using the donate button below! it will help to offset the costs of travel and production! As always we greatly appreciate all of the support everyone has given us in this journey!

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