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Probably the most fun thing to do when working on brainstorming is writing on the whiteboard. there’s something about those things.. just great. Got the whiteboard going again today and after a solid secondary brainstorming and outline session for CE3, we now have more of a solid foundation for the storyline! So what now? Now is the time where we have to begin locking up more interviews to get the content we need. We already have a few on the go and will be getting them when we hit the road, but we want to fill our schedule up more with interviews while we are out there.

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A lot of the content we are looking to get interviews for is stuff many people talk about, but sometimes it’s tough to find the right people in the right places with the right schedule. Some of the stuff we will cover in the doc are about new technologies, new societal ideas, new transportation ideas, hemp, free energy, magnetic motors and energy, the shift in consciousness and self sustainable housing. We know there are quite a few industry people out there who can talk about this stuff but we also know that some of you know or have heard of some great people that can be interviewed for this.

Our questions is, who would you like to see interviewed when it comes to this material? Do you know of people who have great ideas or a lot of knowledge about this stuff? If so, send us an email with their info and we will se if we can set something up! Only a couple more weeks till we hit the road!

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