Important! Is Nature Trying to Show us Something?

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In a world where it seems pretty clear we are doing a little too much damage with our habits of waste, fossil fuels, the use of chemicals etc. It seems nature is trying to show us something more than ever before. Is it time we begin listening and stop waiting for government to solve these problems?

I have sat in a couple of conferences geared towards solving environmental problems at a governmental level and I can tell you first hand that they may care about the problem but are very stuck in the ideas that they must follow policy, create jobs, flush money into the economy, and create more competition. These factors mean solutions only make our planet worse and anything positive will take forever to implement. It also means that very weak solutions are implemented instead of using solid solutions. The issue is that the solid solutions threaten the system, while the weak continue to perpetuate it.

Below is a list of environmental occurrences from 2012 only. this does not include everything that took place in 2011 and it only goes up to May. Notice anything about this?

5th May 2012 – 50,000 Fish found dead in a pond in Shenzhen in China.
5th May 2012 – Mass Bird death discovered in waste water in Finland.
4th May 2012 – 2 TONNES of dead Fish found in a River in Jinzhou China.
4th May 2012 – Mass Fish kill found in Muttar River causing panic in India.
3rd May 2012 – Dead Fish are washing up on shore of Lake Houston in America.
2nd May 2012 – Large number of fish found dead in River in China.
2nd May 2012 – Many dead Fish washing up dead in Village causing panic in Turkey.
30th April 2012 – Hundreds of Bull RedFish found dead in Alabama.
28th April 2012 – 1200 Pelicans found dead in Peru.
27th April 2012 – Mass Fish kill on Lake Elsinore in California.
26th April 2012 – Mysterious Death of possibly thousands of Storks in Thailand.
25th April 2012 – 11,000 dead Fish found in River in Kettering, America.
25th April 2012 – 28,000 dead Fish found in River in Strongsville, America.
25th April 2012 – Porpoises dying in alarming numbers, causing concerns of a local “ecological catastrophe” in China.
25th April 2012 – 4 Dolphins wash ashore dead at Bandra Bandstand in India.
22nd April 2012 – Thousands more Fish wash ashore dead in Pakistan.
19th April 2012 – Thousands of Fish, also Cows and Dogs killed in Pakistan.
17th April 2012 – Thousands of fish (30 species) dead in a creek in Tennesse.
17th April 2012 – Thousands of fish continue to turn up dead in the Zandvlei Estuary in South Africa.
17th April 2012 – Several thousand Fish found dead in River in India.
17th April 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in Pond in India.
13th April 2012 – Mass Bees falling dead in Canyon Country California.
13th April 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish litter Ocean Floor in Durban South Africa.

11th April 2012 – 300 more Dolphins found dead on beaches in Peru.
11th April 2012 – 14,000 Fish dead in Creek in Missouri.
9th April 2012 – Thousands of fish found dead in Lake in India.
9th April 2012 – 3 Whales wash up dead in India.

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  1. Where the fuck is God?

    • JT

      If you’re waiting for God then you’re missing the point.

    • god

      YOU are god, so move your fucking as and DO something!

    • Koda

      There was a shortage of fish in heaven, so God took some of our’s… No biggie.

  2. We now also have a population of starfish melting along the west coast of Canada & the States. There is no question in my mind this is theresult of fukushima leaking radiation. I am from Vancouver Island, no longer will I eat seafood. People are to lazy to wake up and care about the big picture. They are one-minded & self absorbed. If we weren’t here the Earth would be beautiful and flourishing, this truly breaks my heart.

  3. Cynthia Lefebvre

    Not sure what to notice, what is relative, except that this is a huge problem, an unacceptable one that is affecting us all – the huge figures/amounts of fish, birds who eat fish, bees also, that are showing up dead. The span of area is including countries on the other side of the world and here in America, some on the same day. What is the link?…the common thread?? It is, as one comment said, our food chain…and as another said, the climate is obviously warmer all over – here in VT our seasons, especially spring and summer, are a mess… in the spring, 90’s in April, then into a summer long heat wave. But I’d like to know what I’m obviously missing here……??

  4. expressyourselve (@expressurselve)

    in nature last year in may or june number was an article of leading scients who are warrning that the turning point of polution will be reached somewhere 2024 or 2025 from then on the selfregulation of planetary enviroment will not be able to clean it self

    the system will turn over it is irreversible and from that point everything alive is dying, there will be only more waste on planet until it will be one day unhabitate for us and other living beeings

    so what are you doing for saving the planet

    I don’t ride car since years, I separate garbage….

    is that enough, I don’t think so, it is on a global movement TODAY to STOP this idiotic I-society, what do you want to say your children when is on daily program some unnatural needs to go outside of the flat or even to cary a oxigen along to breath in let me say 20-30 years from now on….????

    wake up

    • Perhaps it’s time we broke the grip of corporate greed on energy. Water powered engines that produce only steam as an exhaust gas have been developed and quickly suppressed. The technology is out there to virtually end pollution, but this tech would also severely reduce their profits.

      It’s not the fault of Joe Average driving his car to work every day, it’s the corporations who ensure that the only car he can buy is powered by their fossil fuels.

      • The problem is with the steam and such, the water vapour actually makes things even hotter than the Carbon Dioxide. It’d make it worse, not Better.

  5. Open your minds guys. Control of the food chain is the first step…….

  6. can we get our hands on the rest of this list? a full years worth?

  7. Calvin

    Have just had half of the adult yellow eyed penguin colony in the south island of New Zealand dying on the beaches for no apparent reason, upto a thousand birds could be affected so the news story tells us, me thinks a lot more. This is an area surrounded by the great southern ocean. Meant to be clean and green…………………

  8. Cora

    Uh, could it be climate change? 2012 was the warmest year in history…it changes things like PH etc.

  9. željko

    is not haarp is not politics or industry…. is u and me.. our consciousness did this…

  10. gyan

    I would have to agree – it looks like a HAARP outcome. Mad science at work with no oversight.

  11. Conscious

    Methane possibly?

  12. Laura

    The plot to depopulate earth through starvation and pestilence is beginning!

    • warren

      Yes, murder for the elites profits. USA ,USA ! We the people, Leaders or losers ?

  13. Laura

    I agree with Joshua – all the way!! HAARP !!!

    • Chemtrails ..?

  14. Matt

    I saw a documentary that logically explained this phenomena, something to do with balancing the food chain. I apologise for the vagueness but it was a while ago when I learnt about it.
    I accept that SOME of these anomalies ARE an indirect result of our bad habits, but NOT all of them.

    If anyone else has watched/read similar information please share as it’s extremely fascinating once you realise what nature can do :) .

    Peace, Love & Unity !

  15. Monique Koller

    When I was a teenager my family used to drive up to Quebec for vacation in Late Summer. Many times we stayed at a lake called Lake Magoc and went swimming there. This was in the late 1960’s. One summer we came there to find the lake filled with dead fish.

  16. HAARP!!!

  17. Wow that is crazyness. It is time to start healing our oceans!!!

    • jameson

      we gotta slow down our processes that hurt them!
      regulation, regulation, regulation…

      • Kris

        No, not regulation. We need to heal ourselves so that we can be more responsible and behave better. We need to eliminate our processes that hurt other living beings.

      • regulation or privatization & ta da! “we control all the water in the world.” you & I btw are not part of the that particular “we”…ever

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