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Recent senseless shootings/murders, as the media puts it, have taken place here in Toronto as well as in the US. A few days ago just minutes down the road from my own house in Toronto, a block party turned violent where two people started shooting at each other in a crowd of over 200 people, killing one 23 year old male and a 14 year old female. 23 others were injured from gunfire. The day before, a police officer shot and killed a 17 year old male that had committed an armed robbery. These are quite reckless incidents and the way the media, government and police officials are going about it, isn’t really going to solve anything. A lot of people are saying we need harsher laws, more police on the streets, a ban on selling bullets and some are even saying that Canada should bring back the death penalty. But are these things actually going to stop people from going to war with each other? Of course not. We’ve had laws in place for eons of time and we still to this day continue the bloodshed. If we really want to stop this way of life, we have to get to the root of the cause. Our conscious state. We have to understand WHY these things are happening instead of just condemning people and judging them as “bad” and putting in laws and enforcement to try to stop it.

I want to be very clear that I’m not out to judge, I am simply stating the truth of what is taking place in society to bring light to the situation.

The government and media are very good at convincing people that they truly care about stopping this type of violence but they’re creating an illusion. Our governments are lying to us. They condemn gun violence, drug trafficking/use, gang banging, etc. but do these things themselves. Think about the senseless murders that kill hundreds of thousands every year in Africa and the Middle East from North American wars? If they really wanted to stop gun violence they’d stop manufacturing guns altogether. The amount of money the US spends on their military in ONE WEEK, could be used to feed, clothe and shelter the entire human race…

Does it really make sense to say you’re trying to stop people from using guns by using guns to stop them? It’s hypocrisy. They use violence and fear to fight violence and fear…Fighting fire with fire…It’s our conscious state and the way society is designed that’s causing us to think, act and live this way. A large part of it has to do with us thinking we need to live in survival mode. Survival of the fittest and make money over everything. It’s all about power and control and this mentality is pushed everywhere you look in media and entertainment, which the youth are most susceptible to. These two things outweigh our connection to one another and it’s the reason why someone can senselessly shoot another to injure or kill. We’ve disconnected ourselves because of all the stories and fear in our minds that cloud our clarity, vision and feeling of oneness with each other. If we were able to see it and feel it, we wouldn’t want to or feel the need to hurt one another and we could rebuild society where sustenance and support for everyone is the goal. Where everyone is treated and accepted equally with the basic needs for survival, eliminating the drive to fight and to survive. Because of the fact that we are all one, when you hurt another you’re hurting yourself. And when we help one another, we are helping ourselves. Like the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall… these are just very basic and simple solutions which of course need to be further discussed and planned out.

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To touch on this situation further, first off, my heart and love goes out to all who experienced these incidents recently, but it’s important for us to know that no matter the experience, how tragic or intense it may be, all is agreed upon to be created and experienced by every soul that is a part of the experience. As humans we have been conditioned to believe an illusion of thinking that we can be victims to circumstances, when in fact, the raw truth is that we are creators. This isn’t to shun people’s beliefs, to point fingers or judge. Really think about what I am saying here. We are powerful beings who create our experiences. Think of what it could do for the world if we were to embrace this knowing. We would no longer dwell on what has taken place by judging it and we could learn to create whatever we wish, whatever our hearts feel, because we know we have the power and ability to manifest it and change what we are currently creating. Experiences from our past, such as these shootings/murders, are showing us something to be learned which is why they have been created. They’re showing us how intense and disconnected we have become. The souls who cause the violence and the souls who ‘checkout’ all agreed to play roles for humanity. To assist us in bringing to the surface the truth of our experience and our conscious state.

Times are changing and we’ve come to a point where we can no longer avoid, run from or ignore where we are at consciously and what we are holding on to. It’s time to face our state of being and realize that we truly can come together to create a less limiting and more harmonious world. Many people say that it can’t be done, the system is too powerful, it’s just the way things are, there’s too many people who are “asleep”, too many who are afraid to change, etc. But I ask you this. If we have created the way things are, are continuing to feed it and turn the wheels of this society, how do we not have the power to change it? The system relies on 7 billion people for it to be sustained and maintained, it’s not a select few running it. There is a select few in specific positions of power, but that power is given to them by people who buy into it and feed it. It’s all of us combined, all playing our roles in society. We’re all one in this together. I say we stop playing the blame game, stop judging experiences, let go of emotion and start to question and observe things from a neutral state. Our natural state. See things for what they really are…Our creation…So where do we go from here? A new world is ours to create!

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