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Time has been flying by pretty fast as we near our planned date to set out on this North American journey to film and meet people for our upcoming documentary. Preparing for interviews and contacting people to help make this documentary come together has been an exciting part of it all as we get to see who will help in making up the content for this film. As of now we have some awesome voices we plan to interview and we are still pushing and look forward to getting some more while we are out.

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I must say, before we decided to go out and do this I felt as though this documentary was not quite at the stages to begin filming, but the ideas for the film and this trip seemed to just fly in out of nowhere and since deciding to just “jump in” things have been flowing and coming together very quickly. All of the right pieces have been falling into place effortlessly for the past few weeks and it’s exciting to see how perfect it’s all playing out.

After a bunch of hard work and a lot of love, the car we will be taking on the trip is ready to go! Our friend Wim offered the car for us to use on the trip and it fit our needs perfectly. Since then he has put his skills in action to make the car literally indestructible so we can take it on this long trip. Of course we had to spruce up the outside of this car with a few subtle decals… 🙂 Also we have had it approved and certified by Brodie after he gave it a quick test drive. (See pics below. Click for full size) We want to thank Wim and Angela for all of the support you have given in making this come together! It is extremely appreciated and we feel it is going towards an awesome project!

Today we throw together our final pack and get everything else ready to go so we can head out tomorrow! We look forward to updating everyone as we go! We want to thank everyone who has helped contribute and make this trip possible! Your continued support is very much appreciated!

Much Love!

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