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I ask this question as something for us all to think about.  But what do I actually mean when speaking about neutrality? Specifically I am talking about how we define experiences we have in this life. This can be anything from how we perceive a relationship, an action, an event, thoughts, emotions, right from wrong and good from bad. When you truly think about it, it is our perception of these things that lie at the foundation of how we make every decision in our life. No matter what we are doing or about to do, we use, or shall I say “the mind uses,” perceptions of right from wrong  and good from bad to define what we should do. If we are to look at neutrality, it would be seeing these experiences as nothing more than that, just experiences.

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I have observed this in my own life prior to the conscious changes that I began to make about 3.5 years ago. I, like many others, used to make decisions based on what I thought was right or wrong. I would look at experiences that I had as something that was good or bad based on the outcome. Whether it is something simple like judging something that happened to me or something I saw others doing, I could not see the lessons behind each experience because of how I was coloring it with my own perception. As I became more aware of myself and more aware of why various experiences happen to us, I began to see the real reasons why experiences play out in our lives. Each experience truly triggers something within us that allows us to see our basic programming and perception of this world. We do not have innate judgments or perceptions; we have learned behaviors that come from conditioning.

Whether we feel we were wronged by someone who called us names or cheated on by a significant other, none of these experiences are right or wrong. Seeing them this way will never free us from the suffering they cause. The suffering exists only within the mind. The actions do not “hurt” YOU, they hurt the stories and perceptions within our minds. When we begin to look at it this way we begin to see that in many cases we are very afraid of neutrality simply because of how much the mind fights to want to have a voice. This is even prominent with many conscious people as it can be quite a challenging thing to truly become aware of and make a part of our lives.

The next time something plays out in your life that brings up a judgment of the action of experience, ask yourself what belief systems are defining it. Is it something society has defined? Something we have learned from others and haven’t questioned? Try to look at it from a neutral point of view. See the experience for what it is and allow yourself to look at your own definitions of it. Only when we remove these definitions can we truly be free of suffering. Remember, the mind is what is not neutral, the true US is completely non judgmental towards experiences. The minds perceptions being hurt, are the only thing that can truly cause suffering. This leads us to the basic truth that we have control over our own suffering.

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