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So we are in Winnipeg! We arrived here yesterday at about 5:30 at night. It’s funny, as soon as you get into Manitoba it becomes very flat, like right as you cross the border. It is still a nice sight to see though! We did a lot of driving yesterday and didn’t really have time for much else. There were quite a few deer along the way though! They are so cute 🙂

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The plan was to go out to Earthship Manitoba today to interview some people and get some footage of an Earthship being built, but the forecast called for thunderstorms all afternoon… we decided to wait until tomorrow. The sun has been shining all afternoon and the skies are bluer than blue…. oh well, we got to explore a little bit of Winnipeg and even made it to Tinkertown! It’s a little amusement park with rides mostly for kids, but the Ferris wheel was pretty fun! Joe got a little bit scared at first during the first initial loop around, but then was fine after that. (Joe here: I thought I was gonna lose my face! But that only lasted a second and then my body calmed right down) Still trying to figure out what thats all about!) We saw

this little kid on one of those pirate ship boats that swings up high, back and fourth, she was SCREAMING her head off, if only we could have shared with her that you are not your mind that is creating all the fear stories while on the ride.  When you are aware of that it does make it a lot easier to not get wrapped up in that fear, it is so much easier to control because you can observe it and then let it go! It was probably a perfect experience for her at the time…(and it was kind of funny to watch… :P.)

We went to a really nice park as well! There was a big pond throughout it and a few bridges that would cross it, and a nice trail that went all the way around. We discussed a little bit more about exactly what we want to do with CE3 and banged out a few more ideas. It’s nice to see things progressing!

I think for the rest of the night we will take the camera and go out for a walk and try and get some footage and some cool shots of some different things! B-roll footage here we come.

So far living in the back of a car is not bad at all! I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad, but it is still better than I was expecting, so that’s good I guess 🙂 (Mind you it has only been 4 days!) The one hard thing so far is that we are both missing our kitties… Snowy and Maeby… such good kitties! Would be so awesome if we could have somehow brought them along with us…

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Anyway! That’s about all for now, tomorrow we should have some updates and pictures of our Earthship adventure!





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