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Thursday was the day that we were supposed to film the Earthships in Manitoba, but instead of having sunshine we had rain. So, the weather forecast was basically backwards for those 2 days which got in the way of our plans! We still went out to the Manitoba Earthship site and we got to meet one of the guys who is a part of the project, it was raining and muddy, but it was still cool to see! We are thinking about maybe going back there on our way back home, hopefully the weather will be OK then…

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From there we drove through Regina and ended up sleeping in Saskatoon! And we got to have showers! I realize now how much I take things like showers for granted… even sinks for that matter 😛 The next day we went to a really nice park in Saskatoon and chilled out for a bit. It’s nice to see all these different cities, they all have their own unique charm. And by the way, the prairies were very nice as well.. sure they were flat, but the vivid greens and bright yellows in the fields against the bright blue sky were very pretty to see!

Then we started heading to Calgary, we had planned to make it there by a decent time and maybe explore the city a little bit, when we left Saskatoon we still had a full tank of gas, but by the time we got to half tank the fuel meter started to go down pretty fast. I assumed that it was because we had been going 120km/hr, but then we started to smell gas. As it turns out we had a leak in a fuel line, luckily we were close enough to a gas station to pull into near the even smaller than a village, Alsask. (Right close to the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta… clever, I know :P) So, we ended up calling CAA and getting a tow back to Kindersley, Sask. All of the auto repair shops that we called said they didn’t have the parts and wouldn’t be able to help us out, but luckily the tow truck driver was a pretty nice dude and he hooked us up with a friend of his that has his own garage. We were back on the road within a couple of hours!

Saturday morning we drove out to Canmore, AB. Honestly, in my opinion, this is the most beautiful town/city in all of Canada.. that I have seen anyways. It is nestles right in the middle of the rockies, mountains surround the whole town. The air was crisp and cool it was just beautiful! We had lunch at a little place called ‘Communitea.’ It was delicious! We shared something called a ‘Jade Bowl,’ which was like a quinoa salad with steamed broccoli, kale, bokchoy, and sprouts with a yummy gingery sauce, and a wrap with Lentils and other yummy things!  Mmmmm…. After we let our lunch digest for a bit we went to a mountain to go for a hike.. the area was called ‘Grassi Lakes.’ There were waterfalls everywhere! It was a pretty steep incline up at times, but nothing we couldn’t handle 😉 We managed to get some nice photos and even some video for b-roll footage for the documentary!

Today we are driving to Edmonton, and then tomorrow the plan is to interview rob ofthepage family! So we should finally get some footage of a real completed Earthship! Will keep you posted, much love! 🙂

P.S. Pictures to come, having some technical difficulties with uploading….. internet, another thing that is taken for granted… lol

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