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We currently find ourselves in Fort St John, BC where we will be settling down for a bit of a rest and regroup before heading back out. A lot of footage to transfer to hard drives, gotta clean our house (the car) and have to get some more ideas and plans on paper! We are currently at Alanna’s house here visiting the family which has been great so far!

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Over the past few days we have seen some great scenery, saw some friends and interviewed Rob inthe Pagefamily! When arriving on his land in Alberta it was clear to see something special was going on. The vibe and energy they create our there in doing what they are doing is quite nice as what they have chosen to do is step into self governance. What does this mean exactly? Well Rob has taken the steps to move from the Public world over to the Private world. This means he takes full responsibility of himself as a soul having a human experience and no longer has anyone to govern him. What was so amazing to listen to and hear about was the purity in why he chose to take these steps. It wasn’t about anger, judgment or wanting to be rebellious but more so simply making the choice to truly be 100% accountable for his actions as a soul on the planet.

What we often don’t realize is that by being a part of these systems and structures over us, we are not only upholding fictitious law, but we are not taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions. When we truly look at our laws and rules, they are there to benefit those who put them in place instead of to keep a level of peace. The truth is, there is no peace to keep. Peace already is. It is always there and can only be interrupted when we step out of it. It is not our innate nature to not be peaceful. In many ways, our environment does contribute to our lack of peace, but even further, it is our unconscious that plays the biggest role.

After all said and done we had a great time with Rob and his family. they were amazing and friendly people and we are sure we will cross paths once again in this life. The interview, information and material we got from this meeting is quite powerful and we look forward to putting it together as part of CE3.

What has been amazing to see both in our encounters with those we are interviewing but also in those who we have randomly met along the way is, there clearly is a profound awakening happening amongst humanity. Everyone is feeling it, everyone can see it happening within themselves and although we don’t always know what to do or what exactly is going on within us, it can be felt so strongly. Many of us are in search and are looking for answers which is very inspiring as we go about making this documentary to assist in providing some information for others.

I was inspired to share a message I have know for quite some time but really feel that now more than ever it is important to share. We were in the mountains of Canmore when we shot this video 🙂 Beautiful place.

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Next up we will be heading over to meet with Miriam Delicado to hear more about her story and interview her for the doc. We look forward to what she has to share and trust it will provide another point of view for this film. It has been great meeting different people from different journeys to share their perspective on what is happening with the changes taking place. Many more interviews to come!

Enjoy some pictures!

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