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Sometimes we get this feeling in our hearts that we would love to do something. Not something our mind would like us to do to feel good or something that will give us a short thrill, but when our gut feeling is telling us we really want to do something. Follow a passion. Maybe it’s quit our job, take a trip, talk to a certain someone or start something new. Within a few seconds of getting this feeling in our hearts the brain kicks in and pins us into a position where we slowly submit to its logic and give up on what we wanted to do. Hence, “I would love to but…” This common saying is said far too much in our lives. When we feel like doing something and it comes from the heart, try not to let our brain and logic stop us from doing it because of fear, judgment or opposition. All of these thoughts and emotions will keep us delaying experiencing our heart desires to the fullest and allowing us to experience what we want to. Yes the system is designed for us to use logic for everything, because it’s easy to control that way, but evolution is about moving beyond a system that confines us but is not meant to any longer.

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