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If you go to you will see images posted daily. Our thoughts and reactions to UFOs and Extraterrestrials have been beamed into us by a short list of multinational organizations. Viacom, Time Warner, Sony, The Walt Disney Company, Comcast/General Electric and News Corporation (not just UFO’s, the list goes on all the way to ‘terrorism’). Some of these companies have employees that have made jumps to another within the industry. (CHRIS MELEDANDRI is one example). Visa, McDonalds, Coca-Cola and BP are sponsoring the Olympics, the same families that are behind the creation of the above “Big six” companies are the same families behind the sponsors. If you look at Google investors and partnerships, more connections can be made.

Everything the elite do, is done to coax humanity into a state of fear. Fear of bill payments, jobs, weather disasters, how we look, terrorism, alien invasions, etc. The explanations behind real phenomenon have always come from a manipulating external source. These type of fears give off an energy that operates at a dense frequency, love gives off an energy that operates at a lighter frequency. Event’s planned by the elite cannot manifest without us, we are the ones that created this limiting system. As humanity breaks away, and starts to discover it’s infinite potential, hopes of controlling humanity dwindle and become impossible for those that wish to do so. By changing the frequency we operate at individually, we change the frequency of the entire planet and can create our future from a place of love, peace and cooperation. This makes it impossible for the elite to manifest events that they desire (9/11 for example.) It’s time to let go of the limiting structures that exist within our reality and move on.

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A space of inner peace, cooperation, love and understanding can help us move forward and break away from  the chains we placed on ourselves. There are those assisting us with our collective desired direction. Both on an individual and collective level. We are the ones responsible, we are the co-creators of our experience. The UFOs in the Google images were put there by the elite. Traditionally, they hide things in plain site. But this isn’t hidden, they want us to know that we are not alone in the Universe, but they don’t want us to know how wonderful that is. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” -Jordan Maxwell

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