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Where have we been for 10 days? I don’t know.. maybe we disappeared into oblivion for a while… maybe got taken on a ET craft and we don’t remember what happened… but probably not.

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We have actually been traveling throughout BC for the past few weeks since we left from Fort St. John last Sunday. Along the way we were able to paint a bigger picture for this documentary by assessing the footage we have and our goals for the film. It is really starting to come together well and the ideas that keep flowing are getting me pretty excited for where this is headed.

Our most recent interview was with Miriam Delicado and it was nothing short of awesome. Was full of clear concise words that will lend a lot to various parts in CE3. It was awesome to finally meet Miriam as well. When we initially contacted her for the film it was clear that coming together for this project would assist and meeting her and spending time chatting confirmed that! Thanks Miriam for the awesome interview and hospitality! We truly appreciate it!

Along our travels through BC we have seen some great scenery, gathered some awesome B Roll and met some cool people along the way. I write this while sitting on a Ferry going from Victoria back to Vancouver. Once there we have a few more people to connect with and possibly gather an interview or two for an upcoming project we have not made mention of yet! Then we will be heading into the US.

Along the west coast of the US we will be interviewing some great people, which we are very excited about. Andrew Batty, Inelia Benz, Michael Jeffries, some earth ship people and more! Of course we will have plenty to film in terms of B Roll while down there as well.

Although we have been out and about for 3 weeks our journey is still not even half over! Our last interview date is set to be around the 17th of Sept in New York before we head back to Canada where we have a couple more stops to make. We will have the chance to drop in on the Occupy festivities in New York, which will be great for what we are planning to do for CE3 as well!

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We would like to give another shout out to all those that have supported us along this journey to help make it possible. Your assistance is very much appreciated and truly helps make it possible! Much Love!

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