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We often think that we need money, but when we really look at it, we only need some of what money can buy. We sometimes are lead to believe that we will kill each other if we don’t have money, but the truth is, this is what is said to us over and over again so that we continue doing what we are doing without question- fear is a powerful tool in controlling a population. When it comes to jobs, we fear machines taking over our jobs. This is because they pose a problem to people making money. We can automate most jobs, but because of the belief that we need money, automation is a problem- so we are further enslaved. Instead of using our technological advancement to raise our quality of life, we suppress it so that we can maintain money. While we do all of this, we destroy each other, animal life and our planet. We have yet to realize that if we destroy our planet because of money, we can’t even use money because we won’t exist. Our technology can make goods for everyone. The technology does not judge or suppress those who do not have money. The technology does not control us with money. Only we do this to ourselves- when we use money. The truth is we have the means available to completely remove money and live in harmony. The hidden technology that would flourish as a result of the removal of money would blow even the minds of well-researched technologists. A different experience is possible. We need to shift our conscious way of seeing this world and who we are to get there. But the only thing that truly stops it is us and our belief in the need for money and for things to remain this way. We think we are helpless, powerless and can’t change anything. But that belief has been driven into our minds by the same people who control us with money. It’s time to open our minds up to something more.

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