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It has officially been 1 month on the road. Does it feel like that? Absolutely not! Time is sure flying by. We are having a blast. Since we last updated a lot has happened! After coming back to the mainland from Victoria we got to have a few nice visits with some of my grandparents and other family members. I would like to thank everyone for your hospitality 🙂 It was so great to spend some time with you guys.

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So, coming into the US of A we were a little paranoid that we might be harassed a bit at the border as our car is decorated with ‘COLLECTIVE-EVOLTUON.COM’ and ‘SHIFT-PROJECT.ORG,’  really, we had no troubles, but did get harassed a tiny bit the border cop people saw our case of DVD’s that we have. They assume we are trying to sell them in the US to make money.. Joe’s conversation with the border guy went something like this:

Cop: So you are distributing these DVD’s?
Joe: No we gave a couple out along the way in Canada.
Cop: So you’re selling them in the US?
Joe: No not selling
Cop: So you’re distributing these in the US then.
Joe: No
Cop: So you are handing these out in the US then.
Joe: No

Cop: Oh ok so you are selling them in the us then.
Joe: No, not selling and not handing out.
Cop: OK (2 minutes go by) So you are handing these out then?
Joe: No, not at all.
Cop: ok so selling them then.
Joe: No! Not handing out or selling anything. They ONLY sell on our website.
Cop: I see. Well it seems like your not distributing these then but you either pay $10.75 to get across the border with these (25 DVD’s) or we turn you around and you head back to Canada.
Joe: Here’s the money.
Joe in his head: Your job has a finite life span because of these DVD’s. One day you will recognize me as a human being just as I see you.

So silly. In the end we had to pay $10.75 because the cop was somehow convinced that we would be selling them.

Anyhow, after that we headed into Seattle and had a nice visit with our friend Noah and his friend Josh. It’s so great to meet people that have the same level of drive and understanding. This SHIFT is real, and is happening all around us 🙂

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From Seattle to California in 1 day and then we had the most wonderful interview with Inelia Benz. After feeling some uncomfortable vibes, it was so great to meet Inelia and her daughter Daniella and be around higher vibing energy. We asked some questions and received some pretty amazing answers. If you do not know Inelia Benz I suggest you check out her website: or check out her interview with Bill Ryan from ‘Project Avalon’ here. She has a pretty incredible story and we are thrilled to have her as a part of CE3.

From there we headed down to San Francisco and got to meet hang out with the beautiful Nicole McGall, we had a lovely visit! It’s so nice to finally meet some of these people that we have been networking with for awhile 🙂

Yesterday we had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Batty of ‘Hydrogen Garage’ we filmed some great information about hydrogen boosters for vehicles, and just free energy in general.

Today we have a day off in the beautiful sunny Santa Monica, CA and we plan to go to the ocean for a swim.

Much Love!

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