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Friends and family, animals and pets, jobs, money, food and clothing, political and societal structures etc. all come and go…People change, experiences change…Yet through it all we’ve come to learn so many valuable things through them.

Life is a journey of enlightenment and every experience is assisting us in remembering our true self, our power within and our light that connects us all. The past and the future is full of would’ve’s, should’ve’s, and could’ve’s, but all we have is right now, this very moment, and how we choose to experience this moment energetically projects out into the world and adds to a collective matrix of experiences that dictate our future on Earth.

We all have a choice of what to create without it needing to be judged as good or bad or right or wrong. We’ve never made mistakes, only created opportunities to view our own consciousness. When we make peace with what has been and what is, we can truly move forward in peace with limitless potential, shining our light and floating in the waves of peace. No matter how intense your life may seem, look at the fact that you’re still here. Still breathing and still have a chance to experience life on Earth in one of the most precedented times of change this planet has ever seen.

We truly have the power to change the world, we just have to make a choice and let go of what limits us and separates us. The true us is waiting to come out and play and change is the only thing that will set us free 🙂 A new world is ours to create…Right now!

Extending much love and light,Matthew

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