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It has been a bit since our last update here and a lot has happened! So where did we leave off? Santa Monica..

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We met Michael Jeffreys at a nice park in Santa Monica. We had a great interview with Michael in the park and got some good b roll before heading to lunch. We spent a nice evening talking about the shift, the project and even magic lol (both Michael and I used to be magicians lol) The following day brought us to Palm Springs and Palm Dessert where it was HOT… really HOT! We spent a day with hanging with a friend in the area and then began heading to Taos, New Mexico where we were going to check out Earthship Biotecture and stay a night in an earthship as well as interview Ed Storms on the topic of Cold Fusion.

When we met up with Ed Storms we got a chance to see his cold fusion lab he had going on his workshop. You know when you see those labs in movies where they have weird apparatus everywhere and you expect frankenstein to come out at some point? This was the lab! It was really neat! The interview with Ed went well as we discussed Cold Fusion as a sustainable unlimited supply of energy being worked on for the future. We won’t yet share our thoughts on Cold Fusion as an energy yet as we will save it for the doc, but there are some exciting elements to it. Off to the earthships!

The experience staying inside an earthship was awesome. To quickly give an explanation, it felt like being in an extension of nature while you are inside. There was a garden right inside, the walls time release cold temperatures in the morning/afternoon and hotter temperatures in the evening/night. This is all by design as the earthship is designed to heat and cool itself without any form of energy. The changes in temperature feel very natural and smooth. It felt very clam, quiet and relaxing in the earthship as there was no fans or heavy amounts of electricity coming into the home. Yes you still have all the modern amenities but they come at a very different feeling than a standard house. All in all it was a very surreal experience in a sense  because we were inside what could easily be a home and the feeling was like nothing you are used to in terms of living. Definitely  could be the kind of thing that could be used as transition steps or future homes for those who are interested. My opinion still stands that the designs can be expanded upon as we continue to reveal hidden techs, but for right now its astonishing what they have been able to accomplish in building these completely off grid.

The following day we met with Ashton Rolfe from Earthship Biotetcure and she gave us a phenomenal interview on the topic of earthships and gave us a guided tour throughout on of their larger homes. Once again it was quite the experience to see how intricate these homes can be.

We had decided a few days prior to getting to New Mexico that it would be best to just bust it all the way to Virgina in a straight drive and then head home vs taking our time across the various states in between NM and VA and then waiting till Sept 17th neared. We just felt it was time to head back, regroup and then head out again on the 17th to do a couple interviews in NYC and follow a day of the Occupy Anniversary. So we began the 28 hour  straight drive to Virgina.

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Arriving in Roanoke, VA we met up with GIC founder Bernard Alvarez. We had known Bernard for quite some time through Facebook and spending time on radio shows together, so meeting in person was an awesome experience to finally bring it all together. There happened to be a parade going on that weekend for labor day and Occupy Roanoke was involved in the parade. We got the chance to walk along side Occupy with our cameras and get some footage of the parade for CE3. Following the parade we interviewed Bernard for CE3 and might I say once again, it was a great interview. We are so excited to have so much good material to use in this doc!

A day later we made it back to Toronto in one piece after a breeze through the border coming back into Canada. I don’t think we were stopped for more than 15 seconds vs. the insane questioning and 20 minute hassle at the US border. It was nice to be back to have the simple luxuries of home at your finger tips after living in a car for about 42 days or so. We had great hospitality from friends along the way which was nice but still the simplicity of home was welcoming. Plus the cats were there!!!

Of course upon turning on our main editing computer we receive some interesting news, it didn’t work! lol After a couple of days of diagnostics it appeared the hard drive was pretty much ready to go. So we likely will lose some important stuff form the drive but nothing that will effect CE3. I ended up taking the time to rip apart the iMac and replace what was needed to get it running again. Not something I would want to edit on again but it is solid and smooth for now.

We will be heading out again on Sept 16th to go to NYC for the Occupy Anniversary. There we will also email Winnie from Seismologik and Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange. We DON’T look forward to another 9 hour drive there and 9 hour drive back but.. what can you do? lol

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