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We want to hear from YOU! There are so many ideas that we all have about what our world can look like moving forward. It’s time we all start voicing it and sharing it to the world. We wanted to do a little project like this for a long time and finally we are pulling the trigger on it. Here’s the deal!

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We want to hear from everyone! Send in a video that is 2 – 3 minutes about what your ideal world looks like. What changes are made? How are we living? What is available to us? Any ideas on how we can achieve this? Be creative! Use your imagination! We all have amazing ideas and it is time to voice it!

Try to make the video as clear as possible. Here are a few tips.
1. Be sure there is enough light so we can see you.
2. Make sure the audio is as clear as you can make it
3. Try to stay under 3 minutes.

When you have completed your video. Export it and then either upload it to and send us an email with the link at or you can upload it to YouTube in good quality form and you can send us the link that way.

Once we have collected enough videos we will be putting together a montage or two of all of the messages and sending it out! It will be great to help create ideas for how we can all move forward as well!

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Be sure to subscribe to the channel as we have awesome new videos being added all the time and you can keep an eye out for when the montage is done! If you are unable to make a video, comment on Youtube below the video! We wanna hear your thoughts!


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