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We have just started a new project that is focused towards changing the entire education paradigm. This new education system will play a huge role in the expansion of our future. We have entered in a contest that Aviva Insurance is putting on geared towards helping community by funding projects that intend to create positive change.

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In order to help us get our idea in front of the judges, we need votes to show support in our idea.

We would love it if everyone could get involved by voting and sharing our link to as many people as you can to help us get as many votes as possible. Voting is very simple and you can do it once a day. Please vote here:

 If we win, we can receive funding to start implementing this project and taking another huge step towards shifting our current world and systems. Here is the outline:

 Our Idea 

Our mission is to assist youth and adolescence to reach their full potential. We believe all children have something unique to offer the world and we strive to help them discover and embrace their individuality. Through providing clarity, solutions and understanding we support and encourage everyone to create a positive impact in society.

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Who Are We?
We are a group of young adults who come from various backgrounds and experiences relating to personal growth, life coaching and education. We have first hand experience in teaching and interacting with children as well as at risk youth. We all feel there is a need for change in our current paradigm and we are committed to facilitating this change. 

The Current System
It’s becoming clear that many children are having challenges within the education system. We feel our current system overlooks key issues surrounding learning, personal development, and creative expansion. Our vision realizes this truth and seeks to address this situation head on, by assisting children to develop personal and social awareness.  

– We recognize all children have different ways of learning, and often times there is a lack of resources and support to cater to each student 
-Students have an innate interest to expand and think outside of the box, but the current system limits what is possible 
-The lack of focus some students have is being mislabeled and improperly addressed, clarity and understanding needs to be brought to each student   

Personal Development 
-We feel students are not encouraged and supported enough to have a more clear understanding of themselves 
-With certain social challenges (drug abuse, segregation, social pressure etc.) students are not encouraged to explore the root causes of these experiences and how to move beyond them 
-The current system does not focus on empowering and encouraging students to experience inner peace within themselves      

Creative Expansion 
-The current curriculum creates a mould and definition of what an ideal student should be with a lack of focus on expanding creativity, imagination and personal growth   

How do we achieve this?
Through open communication and a non-judgmental environment, we observe the needs of each student and encourage them to understand and explore themselves in order to reach their full potential.   

What is our plan? 
To develop a center where educators and students can come together in a common environment to begin exploring the foundations of our vision. We also feel it is important to begin reaching out to schools and conducting in-school workshops. We recognize the need for a shift in the educational paradigm and feel it is important to begin taking action. Our ultimate goal is to integrate this into mainstream education in order to create a new foundation for learning, personal development and creative expansion. This will assist in removing the need for external support systems as it directly addresses the root causes of these issues.   

Our focus doesn’t end with students. There are many at risk youths who do not have access to a support system of this kind. It is important to reach out and include this demographic. We also recognize there is room for growth within all levels of education, including facilitators. Our world is in constant change, and in order to make education relevant to the student, shifting the system to remain open and flexible can assist in creating a more effective learning experience.


Thank you everyone for your support, and here’s to a new future!

Much Love

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