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The human mind spends so much time commenting on our experience. “I liked this, I disliked that, I miss this, I want to go back to that, I can’t wait to go there, this was good/bad/nice/not nice/blablabla…”

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Notice how as we comment on everything and anything that we are experiencing, we often miss on the experience itself. We are too busy defining our way through the moment, that we forget to BE IN the moment. It seems to be the ego’s way to add substance to its existence, to escape the void, to fill in the silence between thoughts.

But what about this moment, below all those veils of mental noise we cover it with? What would that be like? Have you ever experienced NOW without a story? Without the commentator in the head? Without checking with mind about what anything means or doesn’t mean? Without going into the past or future? This may sound foreign to the mind, but it is all your heart knows. ♥ Pay attention

Love & Light,

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