Industry to Art: Acting Through Reacting

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It was October of 2007 and I was sitting in the waiting area of one of my first formal auditions. The audition was to play one of the leads in an educational short film. In preparation for the audition I was given 3 pages of sides (script) to memorize and work with from the final product. The task seemed easy, especially since memorization had never been a problem for me. The challenge lied in a phrase that was stamped in large font as a watermark across every page…


It was this phrase, these six words that unlocked a new expectation within my mind. An expectation that would not only lead me to deliver a terrible audition on that day, but go through a series of experiences that would lead me to questioning my own ability in what I had always naturally done and loved.

You see it was these words that led me to put more importance on the words being said rather then the realism behind the scene that the words were helping to bring to life. It was these words that made me feel that if I even ever so slightly didn’t deliver exactly what had been written I wouldn’t even be considered for any role I auditioned for. This influence even carried into some of the early roles I would land. I would put so much effort on the regurgitation of what had been written that my delivery couldn’t help but show it.

Moving beyond this has been a gradual process. And it wasn’t until my most recent project that I can truly say that I have fully re-grasped what acting truly is. It’s bringing to life someone else’s creation, and doing so in a manner where you fully encompass the character you are playing. Where not only every line you deliver but also every reaction and even movement are a part of the person viewers are getting to know.

I’m really excited to share with everyone the most recent project I played one of the leads in, not only because its a great new series, but also to give you all a chance to see the alternate reality I truly feel I was able to encompass. Stay posted to this blog, the series is slated to release its 1st episode in early 2013. But until then here is a raw screenshot of my character in one of the episodes:

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