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This video was inspiring to watch this morning and thought it would be something many would appreciate so here it is! This was done by Brendon over at Paradigm Shift Central.
You can check out the website HERE and join the Facebook page HERE.

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There was something surreal about how people were marching right into Marineland and just demanding the end of it. I think this ia truly all part of the consciousness shift that is taking place which is really getting people to see the world in a different way and take action both internally and externally to bring change.

‘On October 7th 2012 hundreds gathered at Marineland Amusement Park in Canada to take part in an Animal Rights demonstration and help shift consciousness. Neogonzo Journalist Skull Babylon was there to report on the story.’

To help get this message out there- here is an additional music video of the amazing performance by Ariana Gillis that day.

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