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A quick update about an event going on in November called Symphony of Meditation. There is a number of great speakers who will be speaking at the even including Franco DeNicola who has a message written below with some more info about the event.
More info on event can be found here also – 

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Hi Everyone,

I would like to invite you to an event that is taking place on November 12,13,14… 200 people will gather in Berkeley, California and will be joined by hundreds of other people around the planet coming together and gathering into Oneness for an event designed to empower each individual and shift the Human Consciousness. This powerful first-of-its-kind event is being enhanced by the New Moon total eclipse of Nov 13th, 2012. Many have written about this special time, and of why we can expect this eclipse carries a strong potential of healing energy being infused in the human collective via our core being.

The conductors of this event are setting up an environment for you to experience transformation and empowerment on all levels, guiding each who participates to stand in their own power, through mediation, emotional clearing, sound, and group participation.

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This Symphony of Meditation is presented by Franco DeNicola, Master TianJia Mu, Matthew Kocel, Kornelia Dengel, Kevin Doheny, and a very special guest, Inelia Benz, doing a live stream mediation guided by Source.

Lunch and Dinner will be prepared and served in joy with the highest vibrational food, focusing on the heightening of meditational states.

The proceeds for this event after all expenses have been paid, will be donated to the Global Ascension Center, to purchase the land for the Global Ascension Center in Northern California. Kornelia Dengel will represent the Global Ascension Center in Berkeley.

If it is impossible for you to attend, in person, there is a virtual live-stream option. Virtual attendees will receive all of the benefits, and an opportunity to interact and chat. We will make every effort to include the virtual attendees in the entire experience.

We are entering into a period of time and space where the ability to stand in your own power, in oneness, despite what may be appearing around you, is the most important tool you have. Give yourself this gift, strengthen it, nourish it, and share it. Bring it home with you.

Further information (and music!) along with in-person or virtual registration, may be found at

[Please forward this message on to anyone you can think of. You never know how much it may benefit them!]

I look forward to connect with you in person and virtually in Oneness at this event designed to empower and shift the Human Consciousness.

Much love & light,

Franco DeNicola


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