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You have probably seen it asked asked the same thing I did: “What the heck did they build?” There is a lot of hype around a new uniquely shaped building that china has erected in the city of Funshun. Any quick look at this building is sure to create a number of reactions and so far even some interesting pictures. The Ring of Life is described as a landmark to be used as a viewing platform and it stands equivalent to a 50-story building and cost nearly £10 million. The 500-foot ring is made of a whopping 3,000 tonnes of steel and will glow at night with a phenomenal 12,000 LED lights. Originally the developer planned to add a platform for visitors to bungee jump off which would have gotten thrill seekers excited, however, the idea was abandoned because the ring is too high for bungee jumpers.

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One interesting tid bit about the name of this structure is that its english translation is “a round sky and a path leading to a paradise in heaven” An interesting title when you think about everything that is happening with 2012 coming up. I know I know, it’s taboo to think that something big will happen on Dec 21st 2012  and I agree I don’t see any massive overnight changes taking place. But there is a TON of evidence suggesting that big things are changing with the earth’s frequency and gradually the frequency is rising.

So what is the real purpose for this building? I am not trying to create some conspiracy or suggest that everything is a conspiracy but when you dig a little bit when it comes to unique buildings and monuments around the world you find out pretty fast that they are not just “landmarks.” The pyramids in Egypt for example, or even Stonehenge, The Nazca Lines and Easter Island. These all appear to be for decorative or monument purposes but evidence and ancient knowledge suggests otherwise.


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Some are suggesting that The Ring of Life could be a star gate, a portal to welcome in energies, beings, or other worlds. Perhaps just in time for 2012? I know it sounds far out but even things like portals, star gates and jump doors are not as taboo as they once were. With all of the whistle blowing and evidence to suggest all of these things are real, one can easily assume The Ring of Life could have a deeper meaning. Something only time will shed more light on.

What do you think it is? Just an observation tower? Or something more?

Enjoy some humorous pictures.

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