Can Soursop Really Cure Cancer?

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Soursop Soursop Soursop – I just wanted to say that, this word has no meaning now I have said it so many times. Although, it is fun to say!

 There has been a lot of information surfacing lately about this amazing Asian fruit, which is said to have 10,000 times the cancer fighting properties than chemotherapy. Quite impressive! This fruit is called ‘Soursop.’

 I just want to say that there are a number of different studies done with this fruit, but it appears that there are no real scientific studies done on humans to prove that this fruit can cure cancer. I am not surprised by this because if this fruit does do as the claims are saying then the cancer industry wouldn’t want to report on a study because then, they would be out of business and the ‘Cancer Industry,’ would no longer be an industry at all. The way I see it is that I don’t understand why people would go through all the trouble of providing their own research and experiences about something if it is completely false. Not only that, but chemo is still really not a very effective treatment at all, so any alternative methods are worth a shot!

 Soursop is a sweet, seedy fruit with a milky white flesh and a green-yellowy colored skin. It comes from a specific type of evergreen tree that is found in Mexico, Peru, Australia, Malaysia and many South American and Asian countries.

 There have been studies done on rats that show that soursop can directly combat cancer cells and stop and inhibit growth. This is a great thing because the Chemotherapy method combats all cells in the hopes that it will kill the cancer cells as well. Soursop is a high alkaline food, so it is important to watch the intake of it, because too much alkaline can in fact, have adverse affects on the body. If it is being used to fight cancer, then the body is acidic and can definitely benefit from high doses of alkaline. This is how the soursop combats the cancer.

 Soursop also contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, which are some of the most essential nutrients for the human body!

 One of the downsides to soursop is that it is found mostly in tropical countries, so it makes it difficult for those of us in the North West to reap the benefits of this sweet fruit. It doesn’t travel well as its flesh can be bruised quite easily, and needs to be maintained at a temperature above 3° Celsius. If the fruit is being juiced, then bottled and sold it is most likely pasteurized which will kill the majority of its healing properties anyways. The best way to have this fruit is fresh from the tree, or at least as close to that as possible. Some people have been able to grow soursop trees in Florida too, so there is hope for us up here in the North West. ;)

 From what I have gathered, soursop appears to be quite amazing! If anyone is seriously thinking of using this fruit to treat or cure cancer I do strongly encourage everyone to do his or her own research on the matter and decide whether this is a good choice for you! This is one of the MANY natural cancer treatments are available to us today!

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  1. very use ful article, i like it. based on the information I’ve read both of the books or the Internet, a substance contained in soursop leaves can fight cancer cells without damaging the cells that sehat.berdasarkan information I’ve read both of the books or the Internet, a substance contained in soursop leaves can fight cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.
    In addition, soursop leaves is also beneficial to fight premature aging. I have a grandmother who dSelain it, soursop leaves is also beneficial for the fight against aging. I have a grandmother who regularly consume soursop leaves boiled water. And until now, she is still beautiful.

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  3. My mother breast cancer that she has been suffering from for the past 8 years has been successfully cured with Rick Simpson cannabis Oil with high potency of THC content in the medication. My mother was diagonalize with breast cancer 8 years ago and she has done several Chemo, Radiation and natural therapy that destroyed her body system. She was recent at the point of death 7 months ago. My mother is has been cured of breast cancer with Rick Simpson cannabis oil. she is so healthy now. Thanks to Rick Simpson cannabis oil that we used in curing her cancer at:, Rick Cannabis Oil was successfully used in curing my Mother Breast 3 months as stated in the dosage information provided by rick Simpson. Once again i want to thank rick for his wonderful Hemp Oil, the family is now in great unity with so much hope of spending this Christmas in peace and tranquility because the joy of the family which was our Mother, the family pride has been restore with cannabis oil curing my mother cancer within 3 months. What a miracle. My mother is now back alive, strong and healthy. you have the right to stop cancer with Rick Simpson cannabis oil medication at:

    • MY

      You are obviously advertising this product for your own purposes. How many times did you mention the product name. Stop it!

  4. Gaurav

    Hi, even I agree that Soursop has various Medical and Health benefits. As more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of Soursop, the fruit sellers are taking advantage of them by selling the fruit at enormously high prices! But I bought Soursop Juice from SVA India(Mumbai) at a very economical cost, they are very friendly and reachable. You can also contact them on + (91)-(22)-22886789/98 if you are interested in buying the fruit/Juice/Tea/Leaves.

  5. Glenn R

    Healthy alternatives need to be looked at, I find it hard that so much money is given to cancer research and there doesn’t seem to be one cure for any of them? Food is medicine, eat well, workout more and get good sleep! Reduce the stress in your life and all should be well. We are all products of our own environment, that’s my opinion! I have lost 3 people to various forms of cancer and both my inlaws were burdened with the disease simultaneously! Both survived, thankfully! It call comes down to how you treat yourself! The compound effect of life eventually kicks in!

  6. I am finishing up 17 months of cancer therapy for stage two Breast cancer, Triple positive +. I chose to use all the resources available – holistic, meditation, alkaline diet, supplements, chemo, surgery (lumpectomy), radiation and now finishing up a year of Herceptin (a targeted protein that attacks just the cancer cells). I wanted every available treatment to live a long and healthy life. I am now cancer free and the real key is keeping your body from being a host to cancer again. Any natural resource is worth exploring and finding out how your body and chemistry respond. I applaud everyone who sends out information for people like me to read and make decisions of what is best for my body!

    • Karen

      Brooke…..I applaud you and totally agree. I am completing the same regimen for triple + Stage II breast cancel. I will complete Herceptin in April. It has been a long journey and I am researching everthing that I hear about. I am seeing over and over again that changing body chemistry is the key element. Not sure about soursop but I am intrigued. Good Luck in your journey. Karen

  7. yolande

    hello my name is yolande my mum has pancreatic cancer she is on borrowd time she has a stint in & her nutritionest told her she cant hav the soursop y i dont understand & very frustraited please is it true

    • Nat

      Your mum can take soursop leaves tea. You can purchase these online. Boil 15 leaves in 1 liter of water for 30 minutes. Make 3 servings to be drank 35 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Repeat process every single day until your mum is diagnosed cancer free. Personally know a case where tumors were gone in one month. Please give it a try, my aunt too has pancreatic cancer. I assure you there is nothing to lose.

  8. I think that those who don’t understand the properties of the foods that can fight cancer should try it along with the chemo. If Chemo alone is not getting ride of the cancer than what would it hurt to eat something that might work to get ride of the cancer. Don’t judge something as false until you have researched it and know the facts. Don’t ever call anyone names because you don’t believe like they do because it reflects on you.

  9. MR.+

    I think that you haven’t looked into the fact that this fruit contains a neurotoxin annonacin and isoquinoline alkaloids, which is linked to the development of parkinson’s disease. you can read more about that here

  10. Foya

    Plz sugest me whether i use this fruit 4 my mom i m in reall prblm

  11. Bill Creque

    I was born and raised in the Virgin Islands. As a young child I was always given Soursop tea made from the leaves by our local cook when ever I had a fever. It has a wonderful flavor and I always looked forward to it. That was back in the early 60’s. Now with the research that has been done, I believe it is NOT wise to believe, have hope, or trust that soursop will cure cancer. There is noooo proof. No human trials have ever been conducted. There is however PROOF, that the annonacin in soursop can cause Parkinson Disease. Oh how we love to hold on to Hope as if it’s the Truth, especially when it comes to Life or Death. You will end up doing more harm to your Loved ones than Good!

  12. AVS - The More you KNOW.

    Graviola demonstrated anticancer effects in vitro, but has not been studied in humans. Despite the lack of human data, many websites promote graviola to cancer patients based on traditional use and on the in vitro studies. Caution is required as there is no evidence of safety or efficacy.

    There are several in vitro studies, but no human studies seem to have been performed. The result of such studies can’t just be transferred to humans, you have to actually perform some clinical studies. The in vitro studies show that it has some potential as an anti-cancer drug, but that is a far shot from being proven effective in actually being safe and effective against cancer in humans.

    There is also some data that the annonacin in graviola can cause an atypical Parkinson disease

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