Does Consciousness Create Reality? The Double Slit Experiment

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consciousnessWhere does our current understanding of reality come from? As we’ve moved through different stages of human history, new findings about the true nature of reality have become increasingly apparent. We knew the Earth was flat, we know the Earth is round, are we on the brink of another paradigm shift? Throughout all stages of human history intellectual authorities have suppressed scientific findings that did not fit the current understanding of reality, have things really changed? The United States and other developed countries pump trillions of dollars into their departments of defense. Apart from that, trillions more go unaccounted for.  Governments are able to keep all developments within these departments classified under the title of ‘national security’. Unfortunately human beings do not have access to technologies that have already been developed and implemented, like free energy devices:

We already have the technology to travel amongst the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity, anything you can imagine we already know how to do – Ben Rich, Former CEO at Lockheed Skunk Works

New finding’s within the quantum realm have shown us that reality is not how we perceive it, at the same time it is exactly how we perceive it. A collective consciousness (like the entire population of planet Earth) is responsible for creating the reality, illusion and experience we see in front of us everyday. The way each one of us perceives reality coupled with the feelings and emotions that accompany that perception directly make up our entire Earth experience. We literally, scientifically have the ability to manifest any type of reality we desire given the type of energy we all emanate. An energy of love is much more productive then an energy of fear. Everything is made up of infinite potentiality, and the moment consciousness decides to create from that, creation takes place. The findings of physicist Thomas Young in his famous double slit experiment help to show this, and while doing so sheds light on the quantum field and how our entire reality operates.  This is now fact, here is a scientific look of how consciousness creates reality from Dr Quantum:

Quantum physics discovered that physical atoms are vorticies of energy that are constantly vibrating. So every material structure in the Universe including you and me radiates a unique energy signature. – Bruce Lipton

So what does this tell us about our reality? It tells us that the moment consciousness if viewing and defining how things should act, the infinite potentials act in that manner! The electron acted in the way consciousness defined how it should act. In a more practical understanding, all of us on planet Earth see the world a certain way. We have the idea that ‘this is the way it is’ and that we have to live within the limitations of it. The simple act of this perception is defining you/us thus limiting our infinite potentials by definition, keeping us on the same path and repeating the same cycle. It’s important to remember that we are in control, we dictate what type of experience we have on planet Earth. This doesn’t mean that we have not been subject to manipulation and control. Only when we wake up to the fact that we have been manipulated, can we begin to create for ourselves and step outside the box of our current perceptions and definitions of reality. From birth we are taught what our parents are taught, and often what their parents taught them.

If consciousness creates our reality, then who is defining how things should be? Who is defining how we should act and ‘how the world is’, we are. Of course manipulation of our consciousness has occurred, but the double slit experiment shows how we are in control. That doesn’t mean our consciousness and understanding of reality cannot be manipulated. For a long period of time their has been an observer outside of ourselves influencing how human beings perceive reality. Through suppression of information, and handing our source of information to mainstream media we have put the power outside of ourselves when everything we need lies within us. Human beings have created an experience that requires them to do certain things in order to survive, we have set definitions and limitations on ourselves by perceiving that ‘we have to do this’ or ‘we have to do that’. By living in this manner we are unable take advantage of all the universe has to give us.  From the day we are born, our education and media systems teach us how the world is. They have been beaming us, creating our perception of how things are for us and how one should be. We wake up, go to school, get a job, pay bills and think this is how it is. The power of the Illuminati rely upon us to be asleep and unaware about the true nature of reality.

We are currently waking up, and the power the elite hold over us is dwindling every day because human beings are simply becoming aware about what has really been happening on the planet. As a result, mother Earth is responding and changing. We have been made to believe that it’s every man for himself, that we have to survive and look out for self. Truth is, operating from a place of love, cooperation and understanding is raising the vibrational frequency of our molecular make up, coupled with a new understanding of reality we have allowed ourselves to enter into a transition that has been spoken about for ages. We are one. We are LOVE.

Peace and Love


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  1. linda wylie

    that was great……thanks so much….

  2. nathan

    I understand the concept of quantum physics, but there are a few things that don’t quite fit such as the fact that a reality existed prior to us existing which left behind bits and pieces of it’s existence which prove that it existed. So if human consciousness creates the reality that exists now then what created the reality that existed prior to our existence?

    • Although the attempt to carry out physical experiments to refine our knowledge of the quantum world give very weird and conflicting results, the mathematical description of quantum theory (although still strange) does not conflict with relativity in the same way. Interestingly, the mathematical equations derived from this would appear to show that we are a ‘simulation’! So whose simulation are we?

    • Goldan

      human consciousness isnt the only consciousness in the universe

    • Jon

      well if we believe reality existed before our existence then we define it as having already existed so we start to find clues that prove our beliefs…i think that’s right anyways lol

    • JENNA

      This knowledge is what is being kept from us. Once we know the answer, we can effectively change our destinies as a whole planet. You have to think about this: What is it that makes us different than animals? A conscience, love and empathy. Not that a dog wouldn’t empathize when his master is killed. But it is lower level that we operate on. We need to step it up.

    • Exactly. If you create reality with your consciousness, then someone explain to me what created the earth before any people were on it? Those must have been some really advanced fish back then, lol.

      • Stephen G.

        The suggestion that human consciousness was necessary to create the earth or that fishes must have created it since human beings weren’t around yet represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what consciousness is. Consciousness creates reality – it is the primal impulse, if you will – but human consciousness is merely one “flavor” of consciousness amidst the vast, incomprehensible (to us, generally) stream of Creation. Our consciousness co-creates our reality but this does not imply that it creates it from scratch. The Consciousness of Creation – what some people call God or the Absolute and others, swept in the whirlwind of their egocentric realms, simply deny – is what inspires the All That Is. With our brain mediated consciousness we are granted the privilege of co-creating this reality, but nothing more. If we were to disappear the flow of reality would therefore continue, only slightly differently.

        We must avoid the temptation to assume that our consciousness, simply because it seems so grand to us, is God. Fortunately we each have the potential to merge and/or briefly experience God Consciousness, and when this happens – read the mystics, or the NDEers, who all agree – we instantly realize how limited our earthbound human consciousness is/was compared to that which creates and sustains this reality and actually does create the earth. Our collective consciousness, if we lift it high enough perhaps, can save this glorious planet from ecological upheaval. But only God dreams it into being.

        • Kathryn Hunt

          God may do the dreaming (as U put it). The ‘dream’ is materialized thru humans on Earth. God is in each of us and we co-create with God using our own gifts and skills that we chose for each lifetime. We volunteered for this great adventure on Earth so we can be an ‘outlet’ for Divine Creation. That Creation is/has been pervasive throughout the universes/time/space. We just decided to take part of all on this planet. It is not just a ‘big picture’, its more than words can describe. Go and co-create with the love of God. Blessings. KH

        • cat

          yup; that resonates.

      • - Collective Evolution

        consciousness existed well before the human race did 😉

        • Doe, Jhonny

          How do you know its not your consciousness that created what you imagine is ..before and after and everything that you have created as “now” and “this”

  3. Arjun

    @ Nathan : prior to our existence, existed other consciousness within the multiverse or whatever you want to call it

    Thank you Linda :)

  4. i agreee… consciousness maybe it always existed… the big bang is a misnomer… im not debating the science behind it… it simply should be probably be looked at as more of an oscillating universe… constantly dilating…expanding…contracting…like the breath of the single universal consciousness expressing itself directly through seperate dimensions of escalating evolutions of consciousness…im convinced god was a schizophrenic who was lonley so he decided to make an infinite amount of depictions of him/herself

  5. linda wylie

    what was prior to is what is now…its all the same….we are life itself not a limited self we have thought ourselves to be…..what was then is now its all consciousness….and we are that….it always has been….the big bang in my way of looking at life was when life decided to try something new to try separation and so it came to be…..what an experiment… the egoic driven world of separation has not and will not work and this time is about life changing its direction….finding truth and balance once again……who knows what this might look like but i trust only the heart at this time for as i find it on one and that is no one knows what this is and where we are how it all came to be that we are even hear talking is a miracle and a mystery that cannot be known for we are that….we are it!! we live within a paradoxical reality dig and be free for the mystery is the place of truth freedom joy and awe….

  6. Vipul

    This is a mutilation of scientific findings to spread and control the reality of others to your BS illuminati conspiracy crap. You were so close to saying something legitimate too… I especially like how you started off scientific then slowly denigrated to mysticism.

    • Vipul seems to be the only one in the room with some common sense

      • Jon

        Einstein never discovered anything while thinking rationally.

        If you can’t understand that quote then perhaps this “upper-level” thinking is too much for you my good friend. Learn to have an open mind and be prepared to abandon your previous understandings when new understandings discredit the old ones.

        The flat Earth/round Earth is a prime example of when society needs to just take a deep breathe and accept the facts.

      • “Common” sense is the problem. That’s exactly what the article is saying.

    • You will find that the apex of science is the beginning of mysticism, vipul ^.^

  7. Christine Gubitosi

    Vipul, why so harsh? This article is dead on. This is truth. We DO create out own realities but there are others who have done their best to “block” our abilities. However, when you raise your vibration and are doing so with pure love, “their” lower vibrations do not have an effect on us any longer.

    It’s that simple.

  8. Warren

    Why deny the information? If you were compelled to read this article then obviously you’re interested in the topic.

  9. Keef

    you will find “god” in the 12th dimension. “He” or “it” exists in every one of us and in every atom of the multiverse.

  10. Kazzidevil

    Oh, go and free your mind now all of you!!! Except it and move on. Everyone needs positive energy right now. And our thoughts are ours and free. Most take advantage of their thoughts and think nothing of it hence they don’t move up a step. Being aware and open will help everyone feel the love!! much love and plenty of light. xo

  11. Kazzidevil

    The gods are the universe and they’re atoms are in us. 😉


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