Does Consciousness Create Reality? The Double Slit Experiment

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consciousnessWhere does our current understanding of reality come from? As we’ve moved through different stages of human history, new findings about the true nature of reality have become increasingly apparent. We knew the Earth was flat, we know the Earth is round, are we on the brink of another paradigm shift? Throughout all stages of human history intellectual authorities have suppressed scientific findings that did not fit the current understanding of reality, have things really changed? The United States and other developed countries pump trillions of dollars into their departments of defense. Apart from that, trillions more go unaccounted for.  Governments are able to keep all developments within these departments classified under the title of ‘national security’. Unfortunately human beings do not have access to technologies that have already been developed and implemented, like free energy devices:

We already have the technology to travel amongst the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity, anything you can imagine we already know how to do – Ben Rich, Former CEO at Lockheed Skunk Works

New finding’s within the quantum realm have shown us that reality is not how we perceive it, at the same time it is exactly how we perceive it. A collective consciousness (like the entire population of planet Earth) is responsible for creating the reality, illusion and experience we see in front of us everyday. The way each one of us perceives reality coupled with the feelings and emotions that accompany that perception directly make up our entire Earth experience. We literally, scientifically have the ability to manifest any type of reality we desire given the type of energy we all emanate. An energy of love is much more productive then an energy of fear. Everything is made up of infinite potentiality, and the moment consciousness decides to create from that, creation takes place. The findings of physicist Thomas Young in his famous double slit experiment help to show this, and while doing so sheds light on the quantum field and how our entire reality operates.  This is now fact, here is a scientific look of how consciousness creates reality from Dr Quantum:

Quantum physics discovered that physical atoms are vorticies of energy that are constantly vibrating. So every material structure in the Universe including you and me radiates a unique energy signature. – Bruce Lipton

So what does this tell us about our reality? It tells us that the moment consciousness if viewing and defining how things should act, the infinite potentials act in that manner! The electron acted in the way consciousness defined how it should act. In a more practical understanding, all of us on planet Earth see the world a certain way. We have the idea that ‘this is the way it is’ and that we have to live within the limitations of it. The simple act of this perception is defining you/us thus limiting our infinite potentials by definition, keeping us on the same path and repeating the same cycle. It’s important to remember that we are in control, we dictate what type of experience we have on planet Earth. This doesn’t mean that we have not been subject to manipulation and control. Only when we wake up to the fact that we have been manipulated, can we begin to create for ourselves and step outside the box of our current perceptions and definitions of reality. From birth we are taught what our parents are taught, and often what their parents taught them.

If consciousness creates our reality, then who is defining how things should be? Who is defining how we should act and ‘how the world is’, we are. Of course manipulation of our consciousness has occurred, but the double slit experiment shows how we are in control. That doesn’t mean our consciousness and understanding of reality cannot be manipulated. For a long period of time their has been an observer outside of ourselves influencing how human beings perceive reality. Through suppression of information, and handing our source of information to mainstream media we have put the power outside of ourselves when everything we need lies within us. Human beings have created an experience that requires them to do certain things in order to survive, we have set definitions and limitations on ourselves by perceiving that ‘we have to do this’ or ‘we have to do that’. By living in this manner we are unable take advantage of all the universe has to give us.  From the day we are born, our education and media systems teach us how the world is. They have been beaming us, creating our perception of how things are for us and how one should be. We wake up, go to school, get a job, pay bills and think this is how it is. The power of the Illuminati rely upon us to be asleep and unaware about the true nature of reality.

We are currently waking up, and the power the elite hold over us is dwindling every day because human beings are simply becoming aware about what has really been happening on the planet. As a result, mother Earth is responding and changing. We have been made to believe that it’s every man for himself, that we have to survive and look out for self. Truth is, operating from a place of love, cooperation and understanding is raising the vibrational frequency of our molecular make up, coupled with a new understanding of reality we have allowed ourselves to enter into a transition that has been spoken about for ages. We are one. We are LOVE.

Peace and Love


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  1. ohgeewhiz

    THE DEVIL, AND QUANTUM PHYSICS? Our consciousness breaks down the wave to reality. Let’s assume for arguments sake that our conscious is actually the same thing as ones soul. According to writings,the devil has no soul. Without that “soul” he can not have any effect in the world……thus he must work through us to exist, as in the movie “The Exorcist”. He needs to infiltrate your soul, or conscious in order to exist in a tangible universe.

    • The Devil has a soul as he is part of God’s creation. The Devil’s energy is not able to penetrate into this reality (you cannot see his wave function because its at a higher octave) so he influences people through his servants (evil thoughts). The “Devil” cannot take your soul because it belongs to God. You only lose it if you Allow yourself and give youself to the “Devil” willingly. Its all a matter of intention. How do you break away from the influence. Simply just switch your polarity to “God” and the Devil has no power. Higher Law supercedes the lower laws. Hope this helps. -Dr Goose

    • I agree! Personally I love this thinking. I used to be atheist but lately I’ve been forced by my own research to change my views.

      Once we fully accept that both the Devil and God really are trying to guide us down different paths then we can see that there are obviously different consequences for either path(good karma, bad karma, etc).

      This means that we are in the middle, as souls, and can choose what we want to be and do. It’s fucking simple when you break it down but obviously the temptations and tricks to do the wrong thing (from the Devil) are stronger than we think they are. We ignore the magnitude of what’s really going on. Think about it, if there is a Devil then how good would he be at manipulating our thoughts and deluding people? Pretty damn good probably.

      People also misinterpret teachings that have come down across thousands of years and also try to implement specific teachings that are no longer relevant to today’s society. Ignoring our materialistic influences; we all know when we’re doing right or wrong. All we have to do is trust ourselves in what we genuinely think is right and acknowledge and ignore the Devil in our mind. But unfortunately we live in a society where seeking the validation of others has become paramount. Amongst other pointless dreams.

      Finally, if what we’ve briefly gone over wasn’t the case and there is no God and Devil and we really know what’s going on then surely we should all be kushti right now. Savvy?


      • Scary isn’t it, to have nothing to hold on too. But do you know that infinite potentiality lies in our ability to hold on to nothing, to surrender and see everything as a huge mystery. In surrender I do not mean to the collective consciousness but to pure consciousness, the consciousness that is having the experience in the first place.
        It’s funny that everyone here comments about the things they are holding on to, that no one can take away from them. They continue relating to the world from that perspective. So you conditioned yourself in a particular way leaving out all other possibilities. When it doesn’t stop you from being playful and diving into unknown experiences, simple enjoy the feeling of living in this body, then there is nothing wrong with that, before you make it wrong. ;)
        So when the information given here is right, that means also this is simply something we create. We create the infinite potentiality as well. We create the ability that we create reality. So when we find the frequency of the collective consciousness, are we able to reprogram it?
        Yes we are co-creators of the things we wish to see in the world. But in the meantime all we need to know is that our earth experience is bound by Universal laws, that are actually not very limiting. Except for our inability to fly with our body, because of our weight and things that make absolute sense.
        Over time man just loose their way and become a bunch of savages, that’s why books like the bible etc. have to be written to remind these people of the universal laws. Until of course some one finds out that these books influence people so much that they embed their own laws into these books that make people live entirely to their hands and power.
        In this time we are aware enough that the access to the source of creativity lies dormant in everyone of us. All we do is creatively express the world we want to see, shining from within us through the work we give back to the world as a thanks for the beauty we experience while being present. If we are present however! Because only in the moment our true nature and self is able to tab into the perfection of life experience.

        I feel that yes we create our own world and reality. I have experienced it every single day, as a nature photographer. The I AM is living totally in the now and I loose myself entirely, no more me, so that some kind of openness takes over that is one with the spirit that I capture. And so experiencing these beautiful moments out of time, where you just can tab into the ability to make things happen.

        Sometimes I just ask myself: ” do you want things to be this way, and I feel what I feel, if it feels good, it’s ok, if there is some kind of pressure away from the ability to feel joy, I know I do not want it. So I create otherwise.
        For me it takes about max 2 weeks to embody new things and move away from the things my heart feels it doesn’t relate to.

  2. Gary Heron

    Whoever wrote this article has confused the Feynman double slit experiment with Thomas Young’s experiment to demonstrate that light can produce an interference pattern and is therefore a wave rather than a particle. Of course today we know that light is composed of particles (photon’s). This confusion of two experiments separated by hundreds of years does not speak well for the quality of the site.

    • manveer

      light is composed of photons but also acts like a wave. this experiment is equally applicable to photons as it is to electrons. depicts the wave/particle duality of quantum mechanics.

  3. People understand that we evolve and adapt over time. Taken to the the extreme this becomes Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in his Origin of Species work. However there is also evolution over scales of Space, from Galactic scales where light is condensed from the fabric of spacetime under the influence of gravity and its associated Electrical and magnetic fields right down to quantum scales where consciousness seems to spring from. Space becomes Light. Light condensed becomes energy particles that make up Atoms. Atoms arrange into crystalline matter. Crystalline matter arranged into fractal architectures under the presence of Liquid Crystals such as Water, DNA, Microtubules and Cristae in Mitochondria becomes fractal in function over time or a ‘Liquid Fractal’. Liquid Fractals when changed in design courtesy of psychoactive substances such as hormones and DMT alter the filter our consciousness interprets and interacts with physical reality on. Organising these varying Liquid Fractal states into sacred geometrical forms refines consciousness and its thoughts, feelings, perspectives and awareness into ‘compassion packets’. Compassion packets aranged in sacred geometrical liquid fractals over time and additional dimensions form into an omnipotent, omnipresent architecture of coherent consciousness, what some people might simply describe as ‘Love’. Love itself influences our experience of Time and Space, speeding up or slowing down or apparent experience of time as well as making our experience appear confined to just what is in front of us to feeling like we are connected to the whole universe. It can even influence our material bodies not to mention others. Maybe, given its apparent influences over our experience of Time and Space as well as its properties of Attraction it maybe related to the actual physical field and force that is responsible such things in physical reality, Gravity. What if Love actually influences Gravity and thus the birth of all things in the Universe. Could an act of Love have created the Universe as we know it? Could a human being be plugged into that Love and actually tap into it to create anything they wanted through an act of unconditional Love? Is that what God did?
    More at…

    Jazz Rasool.

  4. My little brother and I got into a discussion about this yesterday as a matter of fact…… I came from basically the point of view from this article. His arguement was that all this is completely irrelavant because the quantum world has absolutely nothing to do with the physical world and it has been literally proven many times over. I have yet to look at it in this light, but if you know a good rebuttle or a link to one please share! As my understanding is at this moment in my life, I am with your though!

  5. JENNA

    We are born into collective conscious reality which we subconsciously inherit into our minds. When we are young, we see more of the truths, because our minds aren’t cluttered with the trappings of life. The question is, how do we reprogram ours collective conscious to see a different reality in which we don’t have to do certain things in order to survive? This goes for the way we live, how we interact, and see our future.
    There are books written about this kind of thing. It can be done, but do it as a whole planet would take a major cataclysmic event in which everyone must stop fighting each other and fight with each other to defend our world. It’s a fact that strangers will help and defend each other in situations of cataclysmic proportion. It is called empathy. This is where we at least have a chance at a future reprogramming of our collective conscious reality.
    It is already happening at occurrences around the world. Humans can evolve.

  6. excelent effort in making human beings notice what we really are, thank you for contribuiting.

  7. David Hereaux

    We can only speculate when our, consciousness took place, it could have been yesterday. For all we know, EVERYTHING is programmed into us last night and today is our first day. I doubt it, but it could be. As far as the tossing the atoms movie. I find it hard to believe the matter they were tossing decided which way to go because of the camera. I think the first times they shot the matter, it was reacting to several factors. Two I can think of right now, I’d need a thinking buddy to come up with more. O_0 The first being resistance to air, how does the matter get shot from the gun? Is it shot out like a pistol with a propellant or is the matter drawn to the wall,in back, like a magnet.? Second, the matter in the first shots without the camera, the shooting matter was reacting to resistances and matter of the wall with the slits. The last shot with the camera, where they decided the matter had a mind of it’s own, reacted to the added resistances and matter of the camera, maybe the electrical current or something it puts out. EIther way I find it hard to believe the matter had a mind of it’s own because it seen the camera. If it were that smart, it would know what was up from the start. On another note, why are the slits always up and down, why not sideways or at an angle adjacent to the earths orbit or magnetic pull?

  8. Free Thinker

    I think many of who commented don’t know that yes, there is a “secret society” named Illuminati but at the same time they are just one of many “secret societies” that share the same agenda. Illuminati has just been thrown in so many peoples faces lately that it’s caused this universal argument that I see everywhere. A little research into this, if it interests you, will be very informative.

  9. electron electronoff

    Pretty interesting ideas all of you have said. When we look at life from the electrons perspective, imagine you are the electron for a second…can you think about what makes you up? Can you think aboutr humans? Can electrons think about where they are and what they are doing? Particles cannot think! Only we can think about anything because we are made out of these particles. If electrons could think, then they would be made out of humans. Instead it is the other way around. This experiment shows if electrons continue to behave in this manner and we canot figure out why with an equation, then the particles that make us up are our future thoughts waiting be thought of. Once we figure out why electrons cam predict where they are going and what is going to happen, bc that is what the double slit experiment is proposing, we will essentially know what the future will hold for us. Someoe e needs tcome up with this equation.

  10. Kimiko

    What you write I can relate to so much. Thank you for the fresh perspective, or rather familiar perspective to me. Thank you ;)

  11. Stephen

    Physicists show that in the iconic double-slit experiment, of uncertainty can be explained with mathematical principles:

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