UFO Myth #1: “UFOs Do Not Exist”

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Many people on planet Earth are awakening to the fact that we are not alone in the universe. The past few years have seen a dramatic increase of high ranking military, political and other figures come forward to share their experiences.  We’ve also seen a large wave of official documentation released from three letter agencies and governments worldwide. Official UFO documentation has even been released into the public domain via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). UFO sightings have been increasing exponentially since we dropped the atomic bomb, and continue to do so as we move through 2012 and beyond.

The number one argument against the existence of UFOs is “there isn’t enough evidence”. This section of the article will provide evidence for the existence of UFOs to debunk this claim. First, let’s start off with some verified UFO quotes from credible, high ranking sources. Please keep in mind that hundreds of similar testimonies are available in the public domain. This article only provides a minuscule amount of evidence to show others that there is something to the UFO phenomenon, and hopefully inspires others to further their own research if interested.

Dr Brian O’Leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor:

Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense Minister, responsible for the combining of the Air Force, Navy and Army into the Canadian Forces:

Dr Edgar Mitchell, Former NASA Astronaut, Navy Captain, 6th Man to Walk on the Moon, Co-Founder of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, Founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, Nobel Peace Prize Nomination:

Dr Carl Rosin, Former Aerospace Executive, Missile Defense Consultant, First Female Consultant for Fairchild Industries. President of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space:

These extraterrestrial beings, these craft that have come here are not UFOs they’re identified. We know that they have beings in them

Apart from witness testimony from hundreds (if not thousands) of high ranking, credible whistle blowers, we have official documents that have been released and are now available within the public domain. Here is a video of historian Richard Dolan sharing some of these documents. To view official documents, you can click on the links below this video:

Richard Dolan, Rhodes Scholarship Finalist, Historian and UFO Researcher:



Mainstream media has also picked up on the subject, recognizing that people are becoming awake and aware. Mainstream media will always try and shape your perception of whatever topic is being discussed:

Much Love.

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  1. adolfo

    UFO do exists, (Unidentified Flying Objects), thus objects that the observer cant identify, the problem comes when people claim that because they’re UFOs they must therefore be aliens, that is just not logical, sure the chance is there but how many of them really are? source:http://www.skepdic.com/ufos_ets.html

    • Now there is a sign of intelligent life ^

  2. An interesting collection of evidence which echos much of my own research here:

    “..UFOs and ETs are a natural phenomenon. So why is there so much disbelief?..”


  3. UFO do exist…………here is my up close and personal sighting

    • Just had a look at this ‘sighting.’ Every single piece of ‘evidence’ is nothing more than assumptions, guesses, and inferences. You said yourself that you ‘forgot’ everything that happened and it all came back upon checking a notebook. No corroboration from third parties. No…hey; wait a minute – this is a UFO sighting claim. Right. Everything makes sense then.

  4. Telleo

    UFO do exist, that is why they are called UFOs. When we say U-F-O, it does not mean the Aliens from outer space, simply we do not know what it is. I believe that we have made contact with the unseen or from the ‘other side’ to help us to build these so called “crafts”. We get help from them and in return, they get help from us.

  5. Teri

    Don’t just look at what is happening today to decide whether UFO’s are real. You must study history. There are UFO and alien visitation accounts from all cultures in recorded history. Even Alexander the Great recorded “flying shields” during one of his battles.

  6. alf

    it is most likely that UFO don’t exist as unidentified craft as the powers to be can identify them. as through having many dealings with them for quite sometime. also black op’s tech that we are not privy to…

  7. Can aircraft actually be powered by Thorium LFTR reactors? the U.S. original goal? Has China already done this? Covertly? Explaining “UFO’s” seen in American skies? Beijing’s airport shutdown? China’s Space Station(s)?

    How did a secret, armed, unmanned U.S. military spy drone come to land in Iran? What do “they” know that we do not know? ‘Skunk Works” rumoured superiority aside, how did we let this happen?
    Could the massive Asian intelligentsia, now well educated, armed with computer conveniences possibly by pass the Western knowledge bases, and reach the future before we do?

  8. Miriam

    such heavy stuff as humans leave behind: duty is an Alien job!

  9. Wide Awake

    How can any intelligent human being – in their right mind – suggest that “aliens” don’t exist. Are some humans that short sighted that they actually are convinced that we are the only “intelligent” life forms in the Universes? That our small planet among billions is the only one that supports intelligent life forms? Frankly, that stuns me to my core. Not only do beings from other worlds exist – (here is something for you to chew on) they are our “missing link”. Humans are pretty far down on the evolutionary scale, yet our egos convince us that we are superior.

  10. lisa

    My question is… why are UFO sightings almost always near the American continent? I think if these sightings were more widespread, the rest of the world would have a better chance of being convinced. I, for one, would like to believe, that us humans aren’t the “chosen ones” in this universe, that would be a tragedy.

  11. genie giasson

    I so agree with Wide Awake, we are pretty small minded to believe we are the only beings in the universe!

  12. An interesting read that follows-up this article…

  13. Reply
  14. Did you ever think the real reason the Government will not say “Yes there are Aliens out there.” is because they may have interacted with them and told them to stay away or we will Nuke ourselves. May be there is a war going on in the Universe amongst Aliens. The war in Heaven. One race may be the greys fighting for our survival and another race fighting to own us. Just a thought.

  15. Atlkcfan

    are you and your site creditibale

    • Arjun

      you will have to read our articles, look at the sources we cite and decide for yourself:)

  16. Kiwi

    It’s American military craft. Cant you see that only you gullible Americans get these sightings. They are trying to get you away from the fact that God is real in preparation for a new world order

  17. TheAncient1

    Why would they only get in contact with the damn government ,if they now what the military and the politics are doing to this earth why not stop the government’s and show the people , i am telling you the only rescue from not destroying the earth is the Ufo and they have to show themselves soon .

    • Rubbish… it is better for our evolution if we come to our own self awareness of our impact on the land. Change starts with you… are you living in a way that has a zero carbon imprint on earth? Why not? You have resources to offset your own emissions but choose to not act. If I went to another planet, I certainly would not want to meet a random individual… I would want to talk to those in control to make them aware of the problems of degradation and environmental concern.

  18. @Kiwi you need to do your research. Its a world wild phenomenon and New Zealand has made mainstream media a number of times for UFO events in your part of the world. Welcome to the real world – time to come out of your closed perception and see whats been there all a long.


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