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Does exposing truth in an aggressive alarming manner help to wake people up? Or is it widening the gap between those seeing the truth and those still unaware of it?

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I personally have seen this a lot over the years of doing this work. There is a lot of anger, aggression, and judgment towards those who aren’t “waking up’ from those who are. I personally feel it’s clear that by coming off this way it is giving others good reason to not want to look into things and also to discredit others as simply being crazy. In many ways this behavior doesn’t come across very well and I think things need to shift within the movement to better open the doors for others to look in. We have always taken a very neutral and down to earth approach to sharing what we share on CE, and we do feel that it makes a big difference in allowing people to read and take in the information without seeing it as completely wacked out.

We are coming into some very interesting times going into 2013 and it is clear more and more people are waking up to this info. This info has to go mainstream for I think for it to do that, whoever is presenting this information must do it from a neutral, grounded standpoint. Leave the anger judgment and alarming aside.

Our friends over at GIC have been putting out awesome stuff over the years and recently Bernard Alvarez has made a video sharing his thoughts on the topic. Take the time to check this one out as he shares some very valuable info that sheds light on the challenge that exists today in sharing this info.
You can check out their website at 

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