Discovery of Giant Black Hole Could Change Galaxy Evolution Models

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I came across this story and it just got me excited. Why? Cause this is further proof that we really need to stop holding onto information as absolute truth as if it’s an untouchable science. We can get to more of that later, but first let’s get into the discovery.

Remco van den Bosch and a group of astronomers from Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) have discovered a massive black hole that could very well crumble the foundations of our current galaxy evolution models. The black hole sits at 17 billion times the mass of the Sun and is much greater than current models predict. Based on the new findings, this could be the most massive black hole found to date.

The following is a report from ScienceDaily
“To the best of our astronomical knowledge, almost every galaxy should contain in its central region what is called a supermassive black hole: a black hole with a mass between that of hundreds of thousands and billions of Suns. The best-studied super-massive black hole sits in the center of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, with a mass of about four million Suns.

For the masses of galaxies and their central black holes, an intriguing trend has emerged: a direct relationship between the mass of a galaxy’s black hole and that of the galaxy’s stars.

Typically, the black hole mass is a tiny fraction of the galaxy’s total mass. But now a search led by Remco van den Bosch (MPIA) has discovered a massive black hole that could upset the accepted relationship between black hole mass and galaxy mass, which plays a key role in all current theories of galaxy evolution. The observations used the Hobby-Eberly Telescope and existing images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

With a mass 17 billion times that of the Sun, the newly discovered black hole in the center of the disk galaxy NGC 1277 might even be the biggest known black hole of all: the mass of the current record holder is estimated to lie between 6 and 37 billion solar masses (McConnell et al. 2011); if the true value lies towards the lower end of that range, NGC 1277 breaks the record. At the least, NGC 1277 harbors the second-biggest known black hole.
The big surprise is that the black hole mass for NGC 1277 amounts to 14% of the total galaxy mass, instead of usual values around 0,1%. This beats the old record by more than a factor 10. Astronomers would have expected a black hole of this size inside blob-like (“elliptical”) galaxies ten times larger. Instead, this black hole sits inside a fairly small disk galaxy.

Is this surprisingly massive black hole a freak accident? Preliminary analysis of additional data suggests otherwise — so far, the search has uncovered five additional galaxies that are comparatively small, yet, going by first estimates, seemed to harbor unusually large black holes too. More definite conclusions have to await detailed images of these galaxies.

If the additional candidates are confirmed, and there are indeed more black holes like this, astronomers will need to rethink fundamentally their models of galaxy evolution. In particular, they will need to look at the early universe: The galaxy hosting the new black hole appears to have formed more than 8 billion years ago, and does not appear to have changed much since then. Whatever created this giant black hole must have happened a long time ago.”
Personally what I find so fascinating about this is that they did not just find one but also several others. It brings in the question that maybe our understandings of how galaxy’s work, form and evolve were off.. or maybe not off but now they have changed. This begs the question, what is causing the change?

Is there some larger game at play here? With the shift in consciousness continuing to progress, we see so much changing on our planet. The instability across the world is undeniable in many societal facets and people are feeling the winds of change very powerfully. Are things changing off planet as well? This article could definitely raise the question that maybe our galaxy is now playing differently. It is forming and evolving differently much like we are here on earth, or at least this is what many individuals have been intuitively feeling over the past few years.

I think if anything this also reminds us of how we must stay open. I understand that science is a method. And when we are true to the method we stay open to new possibility and new discoveries. However, I think it’s very fair to say that this method is not commonly used in society when it comes to science. Most of the time it becomes a belief system, a dogma -something that many people build careers, titles, fame and fortune out of and then are afraid to look at new information that suggests our discoveries are wrong.

I personally see it all the time when sharing new information about food. It’s very tough for us to want to accept the idea that what we are currently doing may not be as good for our health as we thought. This often leads to a common response that everything that questions mainstream science and puts old information in the “false” basket, is just quack science or pseudoscience. Consciousness and how it effects reality is all “pseudoscience” we are told. It’s something that can’t be taken seriously and that is incorrect because high school textbooks and government research agencies aren’t talking about it. But then 5 years from now when science finally catches up to what people can intuitively feel without needing to convince their minds of it, the science community will then act as though they have a brilliant discovery. Yet others have known for decades but didn’t need to prove it to know it was true.

It’s a perfect time to learn there is something more to us that just a mind. I know! It seems silly to say this and it can easily be called “hippie BS,” but time and time again I see that being stuck in the mind only leads to a world that repeats itself. One that is full of ego, suffering and destruction. We are so much more and are able to do so much more. What if we had a tool that was much more powerful than our mind, would you want to know about it? Use it? Well we do, but its not something you can see, touch or feel with your hands.. so it must not be real.. right?

For the record I do feel there is definitely a place in our world for science. I am not saying it is a demon, it is simply how we look at it and how we bring ego into it that creates the main issue.


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  1. bjørn

    Thanks for the article, really liked it!
    Have to say, astronomy is brilliant, but only when you can use it in context in everyday life, like you did write so nicely about. Cheers and keep it flowing mate.

  2. If you subscribe to the holographic paradigm theory then you probably also believe that their is an infinite number of “truths” in existence and they are constantly evolving. The larger ones perspective the more “truths” he can accept.

  3. I really enjoy reading your articles Joe. Thanks for another good one!

  4. greg

    ‘ Is there some larger game at play here? With the shift in consciousness continuing to progress, we see so much changing on our planet. The instability across the world is undeniable in many societal facets and people are feeling the winds of change very powerfully. Are things changing off planet as well? This article could definitely raise the question that maybe our galaxy is now playing differently. It is forming and evolving differently much like we are here on earth, or at least this is what many individuals have been intuitively feeling over the past few years.’
    hi joe,are u suggesting that within the lifespan of mankind,or the last few years,things on a galactic scale may have noticably changed,and how can one black hole be measured at exactly 17 billion suns,yet another considered the largest known only be estimated between 6 and 37 billion,you have our interest..

  5. Reply
  6. Brian Starr

    On a semi-metaphysical note,.. Has anybody ever considered that our bodies are EXACT replications of the universe? A universe within a universe and knowing the universe is as simple as knowing ourselves? The “Christ” and “Satan” of our universe is known as Antibodies and Cancer? Our thoughts do affect our health. This would make us God of our universe. Is the smallest living particle within our body even aware that it’s inside a body? Could these black holes sucking matter into them be nothing more than arteries circulating protoplasm or a form of blood by action of a giant Universes heart? Maybe stars and galaxies are synaptic endings. The bible repeatedly referred to earth as about to give birth. Maybe it’s only an egg and us sperm cells? We do seem to act more like a virus though!! …….. just saying… you never know!!

    • After reading the post below, black holes as “thought experiments” I would have to say, I have goosebumps reading this what you have said. A universe within a universe…our *thoughts* do affect our health. Stardust.

    • you might have hit one something there.. i have long held the belief we are our own gods..

  7. Dario

    I would like to make a very respectful comment on this article since I really like this webpage and magazine. Actually black holes are part of a very spread out paradigm that it is not true, Black Holes are thought experiments not real objects, they DO NOT exist. There are better explanations as to why there are such large outbursts of energy in the galaxy and our Universe that do not require for us to invent infinetely dense objects in order to make that happen. Plasma science and the Electric Universe are a much more coherent and simple way to explain all that we observe and unfortunately has not yet received the wide attention it should. I personally recommend that your magazine and webpage go out and read about plasma science in order to make real contributions to realease everyone for such harmful paradigms such as this.

    • Oh, I didn’t know that. So, they are thought experiments. Wow, that is deep. I saw a black hole gobbling up a planet somewhere last week, it was a wonderful gif. Hmmm. Not sure about Plasma science. More research is needed, here. TY for posting

  8. Thank you for this article, I am always fascinated by black holes and all the science behind it. I am just in awe at your knowledge and eloquent style of writing it so anyone can understand. TY for sharing.

  9. Andrei

    Hey :) yep. you are absolutely right. In this moment – sorry for putting it so frankly – science works against us, This happens not because science is intrinsically “bad”, or intentionally doing it so, but rather because we have never learned: 1) what exactly is the method of science ( what does it consist of? ) 2) why we use this method 3) how to use it cooperatively ( which arises due to our economic system/ genrally due to the idea of “survival of the “fittest” “. At my university at least i often get the strong feeling, that especially the persons who don’t study science ( but also some scientists ) have a huge dogmatic attitude. They believe we can actually explain everything, and forget the most very basic thing, which every physicist knows, that all we as physicists do is create a model. This idea or frame has certain boundaries and has to cover whatever has been discovered untill that moment, but it still is just an idea – nothing more.


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