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I caught this video this morning in full and it was great to see the awareness being raised here as well as the quality job the peace officer did in doing the right thing. Airport authority was attempting to use their power to go above the law but it was well upheld by the officer in the airport. You definiely will want to check out this one as it’s quite inspiring to see the walls breaking down and the awareness amongst people that the law and authority does not have as much power as we think.

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This goes back again to the idea that we give up a lot of our power. Too often do we hear a stern voice from a perceived authority figure and crumble under their wishes. But in reality, much of the time we hear this stern voice, it is coming from a place of misused power and they actually don’t have authority over you. As things continue to transition with the changes happening, you might feel inspired to learn more about your rights and begin to exercise them. I do feel we are moving towards a world where we will not have to worry about rights and freedoms and laws as things will become a lot more harmonious across the board, but until we get there, steps will have to be taken to know what you can and can’t do. The more we know our rights and exercise them, the more power gets pulled from the system.

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