Potential Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered in Bermuda Triangle

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Note: This story originated from claims by Dr Ray Brown that aired on The history channel. There are simply not enough facts to say whether or not these new findings are true but nonetheless it is interesting and has some interesting elements to it. It is important to note that because something is not in mainstream media it does not mean it is fake, however this on simply doesn’t have much else to go along with it so we cannot say YES or NO about this one. Read at your own discretion. I highly recommend you watch the story of Dr Ray Brown in the video below. His eye movements according to NLP suggest that he is not lying about the story but is in fact recalling it kinesthetically.

Whether we are into researching fringe subjects or don’t spend time on it at all, we probably have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle at some point. The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious, unworldly, and sometimes deadly place on earth that has had scientists scratching their heads for decades. Researchers have spent much time and energy looking into the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle and many have told some amazing stories. The triangle doesn’t come without speculation though. The bizarre time anomalies, disappearances and weird phenomena are able to be explained by natural occurrences in certain cases. But many cases still leave questions unanswered. What you could call more “outside the box” ideas insist that relics of an advanced, unknown culture left behind technology and  great energy machines that literally warp space-time.

There appears to be a speculative discovery that has been made by French explorers that is being considered a monumental discovery. It is believed they discovered a partially translucent, crystal-like pyramid rising from the Caribbean seabed— its origin, age and purpose are  completely unknown at this point. The picture below is fascinating.

These potential amazing underwater pyramid structures  were first identified using sonar technology according to oceanographer Dr. Verlag Meyer. In terms of the size of this re-discovered pyramid, it is larger in scale than the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Interestingly, on the top of the pyramid are two very large holes. Water moves at high speeds through one of the holes causing waves to roll by forming a giant vortex. This causes a massive surge of waves and mist on the surface of the sea. Scientists are now pondering a new idea, is this vortex effect explaining what has been happening with disappearing passing boats and planes in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle?

Potential New Discovery Challenges Current Archaeological Theory

If the pyramid does in fact exist it is technically not a new discovery as it was initially identified by a Dr. Ray Brown in the 1960s and since has been independently verified by diving teams from France and the U.S. Nonetheless, this re-discovery has rocked scientists around the world.

More on Dr. Ray Brown’s experience, he came upon the structure while scuba diving in the Bahamas. He investigated the structure and was amazed that the sides of the pyramid were completely smooth and the joints between the individual blocks to be nearly imperceptible. Upon entering the pyramid, Ray was further astounded by the clean, smooth sides of the interior: no algae or coral grew on the walls. Inside the pyramid Ray was fascinated by the various structures and items he saw inside. At one point he attempted to remove a multi-faceted red gemstone attached to a metallic rod that descended from the center of the ceiling but was unable to dislodge it. As he continue on, about four feet below the point of the gemstone, he saw a bronze sculpture of two open hands. Resting in the open hands is a now famous crystal sphere that he was able to take from its resting place. Four inches in diameter, Ray was surprised that he could lift the crystal sphere easily.

More on Dr ray Brown’s story:

Generally we would think humanity would rush to discover more about this. Funding and resources could easily be granted to discover what is going on with the pyramid, the vortex and why it is all happening in the Bermuda Triangle. But it is much more likely that little to no more research will be done as it is often easier to ignore such discoveries that challenge mainstream science and news.

It is also believed that further study of this pyramid could confirm what some engineers believe about pyraminds in that they were originally designed and created as massive power sources.  This could also make a bigger stake for the the ancient city-state of Atlantis and possibly provide answers to the mysterious happenings that have been recorded since the 19th Century in the region of the Atlantic known as the Bermuda Triangle.


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  1. Most terrifying movie ever made in my opinion! The only one to ever give me nightmares! The part that really messed me up was the last scene with those rotting corpses and those Caskets! I don’t get scared in action film that much but this one did it to me! It’s the only one that I dread!

  2. Val

    When we study Bermuda Triangle we always wonder is that area remain of Atlantis??
    It loks like it is,science Atlantis was exist somewhere abou 30 thousand years ago and it was sunked by alien invasion in past,the remains of that ancient city is giant power plants that ones generating power to the Atlantis,during destruction of Atlantis those powerplants became unstable ever science and costing various sideaffects on that are..

    What do we know that those pyramids releasing some kind of chemical that’s affecting visual activity for pilots,second strong ubnormal electromagnetism and Infrosonic emission which would kill any human in particular area which that theory was verified in 1978,the US cargo ship was returned from its journey but unfortunately ship was entered in Bermuda perimeter and ship returned to the Philadelphia port intact but with dead crew on board,all crew had blood by ears area which verifies infrasonic theory..

    Those power plants is subatomic instead,generating continuous reaction that’s affect earth seismic activity and anything that mechanical or electronic would be disabled and drop below to crush…
    Reason why airplanes wasn’t been found in one peace because they been crushed during malufanction and exploded,however ship wrecks seems all there…

    I don’t entirely believe the person who claims that he dived into the pyramids,science is Infrosound emission is way to high there no human capable to survive unprotected,Infrosonic emission would cost brain trumors and on certain frecquancy body parts would burst out of body…

    The Pyramids however is unaccesible yet and hard to tell if they ever be,
    Inside there would be a crystal like solid object surrounded by gray to green color metal and enhoused by some form of magnetic sphere,touching that alone would disintegrate any organical beings…

    Very similar pyramids was found in Egypt,
    Anciant Egyptians duplicate that theory but their version was way different and less powerful,this called electricity that’s transferred by distance,that theory Nicola Tesla was tried to adopt and make available for everyone but govermant interfiered and restricted it…

    That’s right Egyptian pyramids was a power plants not just for a beauty,acording to physics the energy is remained contained inside radialy balanced unlikely other shapes…
    The power was always officiant source of man kind,first battery was discovered during Sumerian civilization means science of formation of human civilization on Earth..

    But a real tricky question would be how human race established on Earth,where the first sources of human intelligence came from??
    Was it a mars like many scientists claims,incident on Mars leaded everyone to evacuate and move to Earth,would that be a truth or human civilization came from much further reaches of space??

    Science the destruction of Atlantis it hard to determine the source where human origin came from,but for what really known that all famous civilizations like Aztec/Maya,Indian,Egyptian and even Sumerian came from the Atlantis when it begun to submerging under water..
    The escaped peoples was separated from eachother and later found their own civilizations,it ones again proves very powerful knowledge in Astronomy,Medicine and surgical skills,Craftsmanship,Blacksmithing,political and military skills..

    That wont just come at day one but by ancient texts everything written correctly,
    It is not fully known what devices and technology been exist during Atlantis but after that places like Karfagen or Anticquetera keeps amazes the eye…

    After destruction of Atlantis there was another event well known as battle of the Nort,that particular event is a mystery and anyone who tried to gain acces somewhere at north was always been killed during entry to particular place or location so maybe that’s why those Bermuda Triangle and Cosablanka Triangle all about,it just restric entry to particular place..

    There is much more of that but seems that human civilization is not ready yet to enter another step further and beyond,unfortunately human civilization runs by greed,corruption,jealousy and extreme anger…

    The anciants wasn’t been greedy by their nature unlike today’s days and many was believed in wisdom and balance of nature,the technology that was exist before predates human civilization however it might just surpass todays days technology as well..

    Whatever still remains on North perimeter and whoever left it or build it deffenately don’t want today’s human civilization to rediscover it and entry is restricted,the particular energy spikes like in Bermuda triangle keeps unwelcomed visitors away…

    Whatever exists in Northern area which still unknown or unexplained where particular object or place rests it however controls those energy spikes in surrounded area so it not hard to figure it out that area is a control hub of such devices,whoever was inhabit it ones made it sure that nobody would be enter there for specific reasons…

    Science and Technology is foundation of universe,God would also be explained as scientist as well although he is a very powerful energy in this universe who capable neather create or destroy instead…

    There is much more still remained unexplained and human scientists are clueless where to begin or look into or perhaps certain archives been overlooked…

  3. An interesting story, although I do remember someone trying to debunk this report a while back. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was true though. As for NLP, you can’t rely on eye-accessing cues unless you know if he is left or right handed?

  4. David J

    its an engine

  5. They should put the crystal back where they found it, they had no business taking it!

  6. One wonders how much dough this Ray Brown and his buddies have made from this fairy story? I bet he has a nice business in selling mini replicas, and that it beats diving for rotted old ships.

  7. rabbitzinx

    I think its to do with other life aliens I’m not a freak but u do believe there is not just us living its a communication portal it has to be planes fly over allythe time but only dissapear sometimes its when they are communicating I think we need what is down there it may not be as small as they are saying it could be a becon of a huge ship we need to be able to get inside and see who made it what an amazing thing to find and it could explain so much

    • ben

      We should drop High explosives on it to collect samples for analysis from the resulting debris.

  8. Nick Bryant

    What exactly is that photo of then? I take it that is fake then as that would be proof itself. It would have been more honest not to include a fake picture with the article.

  9. Tracey

    I am sure I read somewhere that being able to entertain an idea without necessarily believing it was the mark of intelligence!

  10. Vladimir Radonich

    There is Berry Islands just north-east of Andros Island. As to History channel and History 2 channel, my roommate watches them and I have never seen such pseudo science. The logic is almost always it might have been therefore it was and therefore everything else is true. Just being on one of their programs makes it suspect to me. Please do not insult me because I have scientific skepticism. Show me facts and logical reasoning and I will listen and learn. Show me might of beens and invalid reasoning and I am skeptical

  11. Name123

    This is not good. They need to put back the crystals they’ve taken, no no no no no. ATLANTIS!!!! Was made by the sons of the Greek God Poseidon, into which they were far technically advance than any human on earth, they had technology that people wish for today, the story goes to say that Poseidon sunk the city because he was mad at his sons, many philosophers like plato have wrote about that day. Now they were very very much about science and dimensions and thats why when people make shows or movies about atlantis they think of science, dimensions, supernatural beings because that people of America is what they were all about. My ancestors (im greek) made those ruins and crystals for a reason and no one should tamper with what they have made. Why have many ships and planes disappear? They dont want their city to be found, so they get rid of it i too wonder if the energy from the ships and planes and the technology that my ancestors had created a small transport hole and took them else where or if they simplykilled everyone. SPREAD THE WORD!!! PUT BACK THE CRYSTALS AND DON’T MESS WITH ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY!!! SPREAD THE WORD

    • 45454545

      so that’s what you suppose we do? When we could easily use such technology to further advance our own technology and solve our energy crisis and maybe even use it to alter space-time to travel faster to other planets and hell maybe even colonize them as Steve jobs was saying in this article http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/space/stories/stephen-hawking-predicts-the-imminent-end-of-humanity-on-earth

    • Suz

      That was my instant thought, leave crystal where it is, if all this is true I can’t imagine the havoc caused by disturbing! Put the crystal back !!!!!!!!!

      • jessica salvatore

        I also totally am in agreement with the two previous comments statingto “leave the crystals alone, and to put back what they have either removed tampered or stolen.” I cant stand how our government and scientists “remove” things so nonchalantly and how they are always so invasive especially with matters vthey they don’t understand and cultures the same.

  12. TheAncient1

    How about the pyramids of Bosnia ,who ever thought that there was Pyramids there , no its was just mountains they said ,and now we have a huge pyramid bigger than the one in gaza and 2 smaller ones , if you now Thoth he was talking about 12 pyramids and one of them was crystal pyramid , more info about the 12 pyramids of Thoth you can read on Crystalinks , we need to wake up this history that we now is so fake ,everything we have been taught from our schools is a big lie and to forget who we really are.

  13. Rusi

    …and why are we still paying higher and higher energy bills?

  14. Shane

    I hope this is true, I believe Brown lied for attention, but maybe he just exaggerated to make it more believable but ended up shooting himself in the foot. If this pyramid is there I ABSOLUTELY believe the government would hide it, ESPECIALLY if it does act as an energy source. We will know for sure eventually. Again, I hope the pyramid exists, I could care less about the story of a guy from the 60’s/70’s.

  15. Mr.skeptic

    Or maybe he military is keeping people out who knows

  16. Mr.skeptic

    It all seems like bull, that’s not saying I’m not curious as to why there has not been any new footage, expeditions or scientist interested in disproving browns

  17. Jay

    There is a novel I bought at a hand me down titled Decipher. Cant remember the author. But it was scifi based off a theory of atlantis. My point being that the structure described in the novel almost matches these crystal pyramids. The novel called it c-60 or carbon 60.

  18. search on giburu!

  19. Hans

    sooooooo….how come no one else seems to have noticed the discontinuity of the fact that it hasn’t been extensively explored and researched due to the cost of deep sea archaeology and Ray Brown’s story of exploring it while scuba diving? Max depth for recreational scuba diving is 130 feet. Its not very hard or expensive to explore ocean floor at that depth. Other articles seem to think this thing sits at a depth of 2000 meters. Ray Brown would not have even been able to see the thing, let alone explore it at that depth. Also….where are these photographs coming from? 2000 meters is WAY below the photic zone in which ocean water actually contains light.

  20. Ron

    OMG, that’s Leonard Nimoy! Spock! A Vulcan! Forget the pyramid, a VULCAN is hosting the show!

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