Potential Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered in Bermuda Triangle

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Note: This story originated from claims by Dr Ray Brown that aired on The history channel. There are simply not enough facts to say whether or not these new findings are true but nonetheless it is interesting and has some interesting elements to it. It is important to note that because something is not in mainstream media it does not mean it is fake, however this on simply doesn’t have much else to go along with it so we cannot say YES or NO about this one. Read at your own discretion. I highly recommend you watch the story of Dr Ray Brown in the video below. His eye movements according to NLP suggest that he is not lying about the story but is in fact recalling it kinesthetically.

Whether we are into researching fringe subjects or don’t spend time on it at all, we probably have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle at some point. The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious, unworldly, and sometimes deadly place on earth that has had scientists scratching their heads for decades. Researchers have spent much time and energy looking into the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle and many have told some amazing stories. The triangle doesn’t come without speculation though. The bizarre time anomalies, disappearances and weird phenomena are able to be explained by natural occurrences in certain cases. But many cases still leave questions unanswered. What you could call more “outside the box” ideas insist that relics of an advanced, unknown culture left behind technology and  great energy machines that literally warp space-time.

There appears to be a speculative discovery that has been made by French explorers that is being considered a monumental discovery. It is believed they discovered a partially translucent, crystal-like pyramid rising from the Caribbean seabed— its origin, age and purpose are  completely unknown at this point. The picture below is fascinating.

These potential amazing underwater pyramid structures  were first identified using sonar technology according to oceanographer Dr. Verlag Meyer. In terms of the size of this re-discovered pyramid, it is larger in scale than the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Interestingly, on the top of the pyramid are two very large holes. Water moves at high speeds through one of the holes causing waves to roll by forming a giant vortex. This causes a massive surge of waves and mist on the surface of the sea. Scientists are now pondering a new idea, is this vortex effect explaining what has been happening with disappearing passing boats and planes in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle?

Potential New Discovery Challenges Current Archaeological Theory

If the pyramid does in fact exist it is technically not a new discovery as it was initially identified by a Dr. Ray Brown in the 1960s and since has been independently verified by diving teams from France and the U.S. Nonetheless, this re-discovery has rocked scientists around the world.

More on Dr. Ray Brown’s experience, he came upon the structure while scuba diving in the Bahamas. He investigated the structure and was amazed that the sides of the pyramid were completely smooth and the joints between the individual blocks to be nearly imperceptible. Upon entering the pyramid, Ray was further astounded by the clean, smooth sides of the interior: no algae or coral grew on the walls. Inside the pyramid Ray was fascinated by the various structures and items he saw inside. At one point he attempted to remove a multi-faceted red gemstone attached to a metallic rod that descended from the center of the ceiling but was unable to dislodge it. As he continue on, about four feet below the point of the gemstone, he saw a bronze sculpture of two open hands. Resting in the open hands is a now famous crystal sphere that he was able to take from its resting place. Four inches in diameter, Ray was surprised that he could lift the crystal sphere easily.

More on Dr ray Brown’s story:

Generally we would think humanity would rush to discover more about this. Funding and resources could easily be granted to discover what is going on with the pyramid, the vortex and why it is all happening in the Bermuda Triangle. But it is much more likely that little to no more research will be done as it is often easier to ignore such discoveries that challenge mainstream science and news.

It is also believed that further study of this pyramid could confirm what some engineers believe about pyraminds in that they were originally designed and created as massive power sources.  This could also make a bigger stake for the the ancient city-state of Atlantis and possibly provide answers to the mysterious happenings that have been recorded since the 19th Century in the region of the Atlantic known as the Bermuda Triangle.


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  1. mike

    So where are the ships? They got sucked in the pyramid O.o

    • Johnny

      One theory is that these pyramids were able to harness strong amounts of energy, perhaps orgone energy, to produce stargates. The random ship disappearances and time drops around the bermuda triangle could be correlated to this pyramids ability to produce a stargate thus sending the ships intergalactically/interdimensionally. This is what I believe is happening. If you would like to learn more about pyramid technology David Wilcock’s “The Source Field Investigations” delves greatly into the ancient civilizations and the energy they harnessed.

      • Monica

        I agree %100.

      • steph

        We have a buried giant pyramid under the ground in Alaska and they say it give off enough energy to power all of NA !! they are energy generators, very exciting.

        • carla

          Steph is it where people suddenly disappear as if they went through a vortex, these people have never come back, exciting to know that there are still amazing and new things under the sun.

        • yes you can totally see Giza from Alaska, Sara Palin said so

        • Keritto

          I have done some testing on harnessing this pyramid energy. I was successful in generating extremes amount of electricity from them, for the most part, Just haven’t been able to stabilize the energy to use it, as the output is mindlessly staggering. My read outs before the system melted down was in the tens of millions of volts and exponentially expanding. A triple A battery was used as a jump start to the system. Due to a possible lack of technology??? and having no funding to further research the project and the current project being completely fried and melted. it was scraped. (This was 4 years ago) I have done some further research and may be able to create a stable and usable system, but lack the funds to rebuild parts of the original experiment to further run the tests.

          • Shut up and take my money. Send me a donation link so I can support your amazing research!

          • Robert Valentine

            So you have any proof you could show us?

        • YouAreALier

          what proof do u have of this?
          i live in alaska and never have heard this…
          Spreading lies for the sake of getting attention are we?

          • You should learn to spell before you criticise others. It is LIAR not lier and by the by you don’t know everything, try doing a little research yourself, if you can read that is!

          • Dayton

            I’m guessing with a name like YouAreALier you wouldn’t believe any proof that was put forward now would you? Trolling posts for the sake of attention are we?

      • mate probably aliens made it

        • nice

  2. dave

    what a load of shit hah

    • - Collective Evolution

      I spent hours trying to find more information on it and have had trouble getting something that was solid. As of right now it’s tough to say yes and also tough to say no. I have changed the title and write up of the article to reflect my stance on it. If anything at this time it can exist as unexplained. Compelling evidence from Dr Ray’s story seems to be the most interesting and credible information although it is still claims at this point. I feel this is one of those situations where until the proper funding and money goes into it, not much can be 100%.

      • The boat’s named Hustler. nuff said

      • For those saying “it’s not in the mainstream media” I think the history channel documentary is a good start. I think the fact that there is no direct “NO!” anywhere to be found is evidence enough that this is real and covered up, or at least worth investigating. I think what is hardest for people to grasp is that what we’ve been taught in school to be our history could very well be a giant facade – be it intentionally or not. Also, note that “experts” often are driven by their own agendas will say what they need to say in order to defend an idea they hold dear. We need to be critical of “expert” resources that deny its existence, particularly those funded by the US. If I had the resources, I wouldn’t mind heading out there and diving in myself – even though I have a terrifying fear of the deep. Just to know, one way or another. Given that our understanding of crystalline structure and resonance is just budding I’d imagine this really could be the next step forward for us technologically. If it really is there, how cool would it be to study it and learn more? Michael Chemo explores ancient artifacts and discoveries and presents them in his book (which I would love to get ahold of) that may very well paint an entirely different story about our origins and our abilities.

      • you think the biggest secrets will come up on Google???!!

        • Windagal

          Nah, they’re on Wikipedia.

        • Interwebs

          You think the biggest secrets wont be leaked on the internet? Do you think they will just be like, “I just saw a huge pyramid in the triangle. I’m NOT going to email anyone or tell my colleagues..”–That obviously. didn’t happen …………………………………………………….
          The internet has the ideas, but only we have the truth.

      • xabi

        If you are really interested, read “The ancient secret of the Flower of Life” by drunvalo Melchizedek.


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