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socialMany people on planet Earth have a general idea of ‘how to be’ with regards to human interaction in social situations. If someone is awkward in social situations, silent or unwilling to carry on a conversation then the other person can have an awkward feeling of their own. Whether another experiences feelings of awkwardness because you are not ‘socially normal’ or they throw judgement towards you is nothing for you to pay attention to. In real truth, there is no specific way to be social,  if you are not feeling the interaction that you are experiencing it can take courage to be true to yourself and not participate for the sake of participating  All feelings that arise from ‘awkward’ social interaction are stories made up by the mind, and not to be believed by you. You are not doing anything wrong, you are simply being yourself. Even with youth in the education system, children who are not conforming to the normal standards of social interaction can be labelled with Asbergers or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Maybe someone who shows no interest in most types of social interaction has something to teach us.

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Trust this, trust this, don’t worry about this, trust this, don’t let the mind project where this is going, the mind knows nothing about where this is going. This is going into a very beautiful state, don’t be running after friendships, and when those friendships come in a pure way, this is what is really fulfilling, not just noise, not just gossip, not communication but communion, having a communion of being, this is what the frequency that your being will prefer. It doesn’t want to just chit chat and gossip to pass time, because of the fear of being alone or something, it’s much more advanced than that. It’s just loosing  interest in something that had no real value in the first place – Mooji

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