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A fast growing topic of our time is the existence of ET’s and UFO’s. Hundreds of eye-witness sightings are happening all over the planet week by week and videos have been going up on YouTube now more than ever before. Sure some of these videos can be fake or even just helicopters, but many of them are very real and very interesting to look at.

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I can say myself that I have seen several UFO’s this year living here in Toronto. Mainly out over Lake Ontario, not just myself but close friends have also seen ships darting around the skies shining brilliant colors and doing unexplainable maneuvers. On occasion we have seen 10 – 15 ships all in an area of the sky moving around quite actively. I can say that I strongly feel these are nothing like orbiting satellites.

NASA cameras have captured UFO’s on camera on many occasions. In the particular video we want to share with you now, NASA cameras have captured compelling film footage of UFOs above the Earth. These images of swift moving objects are compelling evidence that existence of ET’s and UFO’s is a lot more blatant than we tend to be told. Now, many governments have released documents to the public that do admit the existence of UFO’s, but the video below is amazing evidence that the skies are quite busy with life.

NASA’s official stance on the incident is that these objects are merely dust floating around in space. This would not be the first time NASA has lied about their missions, findings and released photo/ video materials.

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